A View From Lick Skillet: More and more of the real Trump comes to light

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By Gerald Largen

Gentle reader, inasmuch as the old curmudgeon was born in that railroad center, Emory Gap, (the eastern terminus of the old Tennessee Central, and site of emergence from its mountainous traverse for the Cincinnati, New Orleans, and Texas Pacific,) in a house on the old valley pike, a road running parallel to the main lines of these two railway companies, it resulted that virtually the first man-made sounds to vibrate his new-born ears after Dr. Thomas L. Bowman’s sedan exited the scene of his delivery, would have been the roar of the locomotives’ steam engines, or their whistles, or their bells.

Needless to say his person was thus inoculated with the love of all things locomotive, or railroad connected, including railroad humour. One of the oldest railroad jokes was brought to mind the other day by some of Mr. Trump’s more questionable activities.

Railroad engines, are huge things, and like ocean-liners they cannot be wheeled around with ease. Just as the liners do best if assisted by tugs or push-boats, so locomotive engines utilize, in the main, either a “Y” track, or a “round house”. In the case of the ‘’Y” the engine backs onto one arm of the “Y” and then pulls forward on the other thereby changing direction, or vice-versa. This requires a fairly large rail yard to accommodate the engine and any attached cars. At one time there was a “Y” running from the T.C. line over toward the foot of Walden’s Ridge, and another at South Harriman.

The round house was a large structure built over and around a large heavy duty turn-table with a set of tracks joining the switch-yard on to which the engines could be driven, the turn-table activated and the engine turned around to drive off in the reverse direction from which it entered. Just as the name says, the structure was perfectly round, without angles or corners.

It was from this feature that the joke arose. It presupposes that ‘Joe’ is being pursued for some infraction, and as he runs as fast as he can past an acquaintance, he hears this advice: ‘Head for the Round House, Joe, they’ll never corner you there!’

Isn’t Mr. Trump fortunate that his is the Oval Office, for they’ll never corner him there!

And, despite what he said during his campaign about shooting somebody in the public street without consequence, sooner or later, the spell is going to be broken, and some at least of those who are mindlessly following him, regardless of what he says, or what he does, as though he were the Pied Piper of Hamelin, are going to wake up and realize they have been bamboozled, and they’re going to be after him, figuratively at least, if not actually, although, considering the kind of folks some of his die-hard supporters are, when they come out of the spell they could be dangerous, and who could blame them?

But, we realize it is likely going to take a while longer. For instance, a few days ago he spoke to the National Rifle Association and said, ‘’Your gun rights are under siege.” But then he continues, “But your gun rights will never, ever, be under siege as long as I am your President!”

Think about that, gentle reader. First he says that their gun rights ARE under siege. But then he says that as long as he is President their gun rights will NEVER, EVER, be under siege.

He IS President so they can’t be under siege, but he says that they ARE under siege.

Obviously both statements cannot under any circumstances be true. So at least one statement is clearly a lie. Possibly both are lies.

* * *

Proving that he is a liar, as in the preceding example, is a simple exercise in logic and reason, but in some of the more consequential areas it may not be so simple, although it may be equally obvious to some of us.

Take for example the case of ZTE, the Chinese company that violated our sanctions concerning Iran and North Korea. Their violations were serious, and were flagrant, and they were caught red-handed. Thus our government imposed the penalties called for. And supposedly the penalties fit the crimes.

But, after a phone conversation between Mr. Trump and the Chinese boss, “Mr. America First” is going to set aside the penalties rightfully and lawfully imposed on the sanction violating Chinamen because it’s going to cost too many Chinese jobs!

This from the man who was going to save every American’s job, but didn’t! This from the man who was going to be so, so tough on any violators of the sanctions imposed for dealing with Iran or North Korea, but isn’t!

We’ve observed all along that the man is like so many bullying braggarts, who don’t have the courage to stand up to a really strong willed man like Putin, but in recent days we have seen that he can be handled by the Chinese leader, and even by the North Korean one.

It is almost sickening to have a president of the United States complement the regime that has unlawfully held U.S. citizens for a year or more without any justification, and thank him for not doing worse.

This from the fellow who said he was going to Make America Great Again. He has no idea what American Greatness was, is, or can be.

If he is allowed to stay in the presidency by the Republican leadership, he will destroy the Republican Party. Some people fear that he will destroy the country, but he will not. A majority of the people voted against him, and they will eventually do what must be done to restore the republic to its people.

As of the present moment there is still a substantial minority who remain steadfastly enthralled by Trump, but that enthrallment is being gradually eroded by the steady stream of disclosures of behaviour that most members of middle class modern America finds unacceptable.

Modern America’s standards of acceptable behaviour have certainly changed in recent years, and many of our fellows think that they find it acceptable to cheat, whether it’s to cheat on your taxes, cheat on your wife, cheat on your job, cheat on your expence account, or cheat on your change.

But most of us know that cheating is wrong, and most of us have no respect for those whom we know to be cheats. And every few days, we are shown a side of Donald Trump that clearly shows him to be a cheat: a cheat through and through.

He has cheated on his multiple wives. He has cheated the people whom he has employed. He has cheated the people with whom he has contracted, whether to build, or to teach, or to do any number of other things. And he cheats every time he lies.

Even the most ardent Trump supporter, even the most bigoted of haters of our former president, President Obama, and those of the black race, even the most irrational religious fanatics who think Trump was picked by God Almighty to be president, even these are not so dead in the head as not to realize finally that the man is a cheat, and that if any supernatural power has chosen him, it is that power reputedly in perpetual combat with God for the souls of man.

Yes, even these will come to see that this cheat, defier of divine law, fore-swearer, is not a person that one would want as a neighbor, nor a friend, not a co-worker, an employer, a colleague, a lodge brother, a church brother, a son-in-law, not even a brother-in-law, in short he is not the type person with whom the person of ordinary sense and sensibility would wish to associate, or even know, much less to be President of these United States.

The only question is how much damage will have been done before the American People recognize just what kind of man Trump is, rise up in their righteous anger, put our house in order, and put our government back on the track towards peace, progress, and prosperity that has been its customary path for so many past decades.

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