Woman meets Christmas angel at Walmart

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This letter is for (and about) a Christmas angel named Jack.

His actions so stunned me and, afterward, he disappeared so quickly, I didn’t have a chance to adequately express my thanks.

But I want to; I need to so badly that I hope and pray if Jack is not reading this himself, someone else will see it and point it out to him.

Dear, dear Jack, lately, my family and I have had some things happen in our lives that were so bad, it caused us to become despondent and our faith to grow weak.

But, on the afternoon of Christmas Eve (the day you touched our lives), God gave me the following Scripture to share with my family:

“Why are you cast down, O my inner self? And why should you moan over me and be disquieted within me? Hope in God and wait expectantly for Him, for I shall yet praise you, my Help and my God.” (Psalm 42:3 Amplified)

After I read this word to my family, I went to Walmart and, there you were — a stranger to me but, obviously, a messenger from God, a Christmas angel.

As a man, you can have no idea of the true value of the gift you gave.

The price is far above naming, beyond measure.

When I came home and shared the event with my family, while shedding tears of joy, we all began to praise God with renewed, amazing, overwhelming faith!

It was you, dear Jack, who took the slender thread of hope we had been clinging to and made it grow to such enormous heights.

I pray this letter finds its way to you and, through it, you can feel the great love God sent to all people when He gave his Son to be born to die for us, the love He sent my family through you, the love He sends to you through us.

May you bask in that love the whole year through.

God bless you. Thank you, Jack.

Virginia Wales