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    Dennis Clark and his wife Betsy love burning up the roadways on their bicycles.

    The couple typically puts in about 20 miles every other day.

    Their low-riding bikes often garner second glances from passing motorists.

    Betsy’s is a recumbent bike that helps ease back pain.

    Her husband’s is even more unusual — a hand-propelled model that works by “rowing” with the handlebars.



    Harriman firefighters are dedicated to making improvements to a memorial in Harriman Riverfront Park that pays tribute to three city firefighters.

    Last week they were working on landscaping around the pedestal which held a plaque memorializing the late Gene Schubert, James "Bones" Lawson and James A. Brown.

    "The fire department didn't get in there and do like we should," Harriman Fire Chief Wayne Best said about his department's sprucing-up efforts. "We're trying to make up for it."



    For the first time in months Mason Kelley was able to come back to school Monday.

    The Walnut Hill fifth-grader was out much of last semester after a heart transplant at Vanderbilt Medical Center.

    "He just had his last biopsy Tuesday, (March 25)," mom Brooke Kelley said Friday. It showed no sign of rejection, she added.

    She said now that the flu season is over and other illnesses are not such a concern, he can come back to school.



    Andrew Edington was disappointed after he misspelled the word "accolade" at Saturday's Southern Appalachian Regional Spelling Bee. However, he wasn't disappointed in the accolade he took home. The Rockwood Middle School student was one of five spellers who finished in a tie for second-place.

  • A new group of concerned homeowners, business owners, educators, students, clergy and others who live or work in Roane County have formed a new group, Save Roane Starry Skies.

    The mission of this citizens group is to recover and preserve the beauty of the starry night skies in Roane County.


    Roane Newspapers

    A Kingston family hopes they can come home around Christmas after getting the best gift they could hope for — a heart for their daughter.

  • In one day, you can lose everything.

    Many people learned this lesson on Aug. 29, 2005, the day Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast.

    It is a day many of us have put behind us, but not the victims of that massive storm.

    Homes and buildings were leveled, and 1,836 lives were lost, mostly in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

    A Rockwood city councilman is one of those who has not forgotten.

    James Neal, who is also a general contractor, is one of the many volunteers who has spent time in the areas devastated by the storm.


    • Alcoholics Anonymous will meet at noon and 7:30 p.m. in Midtown Valley United Methodist Church. Call Lee at 376-3023 for details.


    • The Salvation Army advisory board for Roane and Morgan counties will meet at 7 p.m. in Roane County Rescue Squad building on Hwy. 70, Midtown.

    • Alcoholics Anonymous will meet at 7:30 p.m. in Midtown Valley United Methodist Church. Call Lee at 376-3023 for details.