David W. Doonan
DAVID W. DOONAN/Roane Newspapers The Roane County Commission held their monthly meeting at the Roane County Courthouse Monday evening. On The agenda is the budget for 2018.Josa Googe addresses the issue with lawmakers on how will students with special needs fit into the proposed school plan.
Special needs in $67M school plan?

Not everyone expressing concerns about the Roane County Board of Education’s $67 million building plan is focused on the impact to the property tax rate.
Part of the plan calls for building a new consolidated high school, and some are worried how special needs students will fit in there.
“These kids have sensory issues,” Harriman resident Annabelle Fielden said at last week’s Roane County Commission meeting. “They don’t hear the way I hear and you hear. They don’t see the way we see.”