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  • Whoa! Some budget panelists balk at resolution for schools building funds

    Some officials continue to ask for brakes to be applied on the Roane County Board of Education’s building program.

    “I can’t keep it sorted out in my mind because it’s go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go,” Commissioner Mike Hooks said during a Budget Committee meeting earlier this month. “Well we got to put the brakes on it.”

  • Students’ mom denies threatening Harriman principal, school staff

    A mother is vowing to contest allegations that she harassed Harriman High School Principal Scott Calahan.

    “I deny the charge,” Jateal Pendergrass said Wednesday. “What do I look like pleading guilty to something I didn’t do.”

    According to a warrant filed in the case, Calahan expelled one of Pendergrass’ children and suspended another for fighting on April 20.

  • Father who left infant son in car after crash arrested

    The man who allegedly left his 1-year-old son in a vehicle following a crash last month was arrested over the weekend.

    David Ray Diebel, 31, is charged with theft of a motor vehicle, custodial interference, child abuse and neglect, driving on a revoked/suspended license, leaving the scene, aggravated assault, duty to give information and render aid, immediate notice of accident and domestic assault.

  • Harriman utilities, city, businesses host trunk or treat event

    By Richard Evans

    The City of Harriman and the business community will join the Harriman Utility Board in hosting a trunk or treat celebration on Tuesday, Oct. 30.

    Mayor Wayne Best made the announcement during the council meeting on Tuesday evening.

    Three blocks of Roane Street will be blocked off for the event, which will take place from 5-8 p.m.

    Several churches are also involved.

    “Anybody that wants to get involved can, they just need to fill out the form,” Best said.

  • A View From Lick Skillet: Charlie and Delphia Snow

    I don’t know if Charlie or Delphia Snow ever expressed it out loud or not, but I’d just bet that they — each one in their heart of hearts — hoped they would leave this mortal existence at the same time. And, although it wasn’t exactly at the same time, it was close enough, for Charlie died 28 September, and Delphia died six days later on 4 October. Since they had been together for 66 years, it is only fitting and proper that even in death their union remain unbroken.

  • Schools get block scheduling reprieve

    Roane County High School, Rockwood High School and Harriman High School are expected to have some training on block scheduling before those schools close and students move into a new consolidated high school.

    “We have found that when you go to block scheduling, it’s a lot harder than maybe we thought it would be,” Interim Roane County Director of Schools Gary Aytes said last month.

  • Convicted killer fails at criminal, civil appeals

    Convicted murderer Shawn Smoot isn’t having any success with his appeals.

    The $7 million judgment he was ordered to pay Tina Gregg in 2017 was upheld earlier this year by the Tennessee Court of Appeals.

    Smoot was found guilty of first-degree murder in Roane County Criminal Court for killing Gregg’s daughter, Brooke Nicole Morris. Her body was found at the intersection of Blair Road and Old Blair Road on Oct. 15, 2011.

  • Fourth of July tumble leads to suit against city

    A woman is suing the city of Rockwood for $250,000 over a fall.

    Romana R. Gallaher claims she was at Brickyard Springs Park on July 4, 2017, when she fell in a hole.

    Her lawsuit was filed earlier this year in Roane County Circuit Court.

  • Rockwood Fall Festival
  • Paws-itive reinforcement