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  • Nashville attorney seeking to help prosecute Houstons



    Nashville lawyer Dan Warlick left little doubt about his discontent of Leon and Rocky Houston.

    When asked did he have any malice against the brothers, Warlick had a long pause before offering the following answer Thursday from the witness stand:

    “Believing what I know about this case, I do not like these two individuals,” he said.

    Special prosecutor Robert “Gus” Radford hired Warlick, a private attorney, to assist in the prosecution of the Houston brothers.

  • Life in the city OK for Midtown residents


    Roane Newspapers

    The fate of some areas in Midtown is one step closer to becoming a reality.

    A referendum on Tuesday’s ballot to annex certain properties to Kingston was passed.

    Five of the six registered voters in the area cast their ballots in favor of the annexation.

    “We’re extremely happy that it went the way we expected,” Kingston Mayor Troy Beets said.

  • Courthouse shooter blames fear, husband



    Convicted murderer Jennifer Hyatte is talking about the crime that landed her behind bars for life.

    In a jailhouse interview with Nashville TV station WSMV Monday, the former prison nurse talks about how she was courted by prison inmate George Hyatte, who eventually became her husband.

    She also speaks about the events that led her to shoot a prison guard in the parking lot of the Roane County Courthouse to help Hyatte escape.

  • Harriman files lawsuit over Kingston referendum



    Harriman officials filed a lawsuit last week in an attempt to keep Kingston where Harriman thinks it belongs — east of the Hwy. 70 bridge.

    Harriman City Attorney Harold Balcom said the city is seeking an injunction to stop the certification of votes from Tuesday’s annexation referendum that could possibly put some Midtown area properties in Kingston’s city limits.

    Harriman has a similar annexation referendum for other parcels of Midtown property.

  • State funds lights for bridge


    Morgan County News Editor

    Since the new Oakdale Bridge opened several years ago one thing has been missing – lights. But thanks to Sen. Tommy Kilby and Rep. John Mark Windle that oversight will soon be corrected.

  • CASA's chili cook off is Saturday


    Morgan County News Editor

    CASA’s first chili cook off is now just days away but it isn’t too late for you to enter your chili in the competition.

    Organizers would prefer that you register in advance by calling Sandy Weaver at 539-5959. You may pay your entry fee when you arrive at the chili cook off.

    “It would be helpful if contestants called by Friday to register in advance so that we have an idea of how many to prepare for but we will accept entries until 3 p.m.,” Weaver explained.

  • Unofficial Returns: Clinton, Huckabee lead Roane County

    In unofficial Roane County election returns, Hillary Clinton won at the polls for the Democrats and Mike Huckabee led the Republicans in Roane County. Also, both the Kingston and Harriman annexation referendums passed unanimously among the handful of voters involved. With all 25 precints in, the results follow:

    DEM Joe Biden 17 votes, 0.34%

    DEM HILLARY CLINTON 3,266 votes, 65.79%

    DEM Chris Dodd 6 votes, 0.12%

    DEM John Edward 391 votes, 7.88%

    DEM Mike Gravel 6 votes, 0.12%

    DEM Dennis Kucinich 9 votes, 0.18%

    DEM Barack Obama 1,239 votes, 24.96%

  • DUI charges gone against former deputy



    An unavailable officer led to the dismissal of drunk-driving charges against former Roane County Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Kirby last year.

    Kirby was fired by Sheriff Jack Stockton after the arrest last summer.

    According to court records, Patrolman Daniel Lantz of the Harriman Police Department was on medical leave and unable to appear in court when Kirby’s case was heard last September.

    The order of dismissal was issued by Loudon County General Sessions Court Judge William Russell.

  • Harriman mulls river resort proposal



    A developer has asked Harriman officials to allow him to turn a large piece of city property into a resort-style campground.

    Bill Wampler, a resident who has developed other area campgrounds, wants to put the campground on a large tract of land, some of which the Ten-nessee Eagles Radio Control Club uses as an airstrip.

    Wampler spoke at a city council workshop last week about the site on the northern end of town.

  • Stabbing suspect charged



    A suspect has been charged in Friday night's stabbing on Duncan Hollow Road.

    Roane County Sheriff's Office Detective Greg Scalf said Ronnie Daniel contacted authorities shortly after the incident and later came in to be questioned.

    Daniel was arrested and charged with one count of aggravated assault and given a $10,000 bond.

    The incident occurred sometime around 7:30 p.m. on Friday.

    Scalf said Daniel and the victim were traveling together in a car when an argument ensued.