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  • Proposed marina discussed at meeting


    Roane Newspapers

    Larry Walker is seeking information about a marina project being proposed near his neighborhood.

    He attended Thursday night’s environmental review board meeting at the Roane County Courthouse hoping to learn more.

    “We only found out about it just before Christmas,” Walker said. “We’re looking for information.”

  • Stormy Thursday

    Much-needed rain arrived Thursday in Roane County. The downpours caused water to pool on some roads, and in some cases, making driving hazardous. Hwy. 58 in Kingston was particularly wetter that some roads, with trucks and cars running through large puddles.

  • Harriman willing to discuss state audit


    Roane Newspapers

    Harriman hopes to resolve the issues over who owes what for the development of Pinnacle Pointe in discussions with developers.

    “I don’t mind sitting down and talking to them,” City Attorney Harold Balcom said at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

  • Constables' fate lingers in uncertainty


    Roane Newspapers

    Roane County Commissioner Jerry Goddard describes himself as a big fan of constables.

    “They’re proud of their office, and I’m proud of them,” Goddard said. “I’m going to support them.”

    Goddard will need the support of seven other commissioners to vote down a resolution that could eventually allow the county to purge itself of constables. The resolution is on the agenda for Monday night’s county commission meeting at the courthouse.

  • Pinnacle Pointe developers submit statements, not audit


    Roane Newspapers

    The developers who, according to the state, owe the city of Harriman more than $230,000 on the Pinacle Pointe development, have responded to the city.

    Although the developers have said they would present an audit of their own showing the city owes them money, city officials have characterized what they got as a mere listing of expenses.

    In fact, Parsons & Wright, the Kingston accounting firm that put together the report, said this in the document:

  • Court disbars Austin


    Roane Newspapers

    Former Roane County Judge Thomas Alva Austin will be looking for a new line of work when he’s released from federal prison.

    His days of practicing law appear to be over after he was disbarred by the Supreme Court of Tennessee.

    The state’s high court issued the order on Dec. 13.

    According to a court press release, Austin consented to the disbarment.

    The press release also states Austin may apply for reinstatement of his law license after five years.

  • SUD commissioners resign


    Morgan County News Editor

    Sunbright Utility District has a history of problems and turnover in both employees and members of its board of commissioners. As of Monday more changes are coming.

    Board president Roy Freels and commissioner Russell Scott have both resigned and Bryant Jones, the SUD Manager, walked off the job.

    “If I had known how bad it was I would’ve never taken the appointment,” Scott said Tuesday.

  • Used car dealers target of OS study


    Roane Newspapers

    Oliver Springs may be the place to go for used car salesmen.

    At least, that is the concern of officials worried that Oliver Springs is not benefiting in the increase of the lots opening in the town.

    Oliver Springs Town Manager David Bolling said another business is getting ready to open soon.

    Ways to make sure the facilities are meeting regulations and actually benefiting the town were discussed briefly during the Oliver Springs Board of Aldermen meeting last Thursday.

  • Emergency info may be a phone call away


    Roane Newspapers

    Roane County emergency management director Howie Rose is looking to make sure residents get important information about potential dangers in the most timely manner.

    He’s spearheading an effort to add an emergency service that would notify them with a phone call.

    “What it does is it allows us to give pertinent emergency information to the public by their home phone,” Rose said. “The system will actually call the home phone number.”

  • Harriman man faces gladiators


    Roane Newspapers

    A Harriman man faced down the ultimate opponents during weeks of competition in Los Angeles this fall.

    Jeff Chapman, 26, was one of 12 male finalists to compete in the return of

    American Gladiator, a television competition that pits men and women against a fearsome group of muscled annihilators.

    "It is basically done tournament style," Chapman said of the events.

    Competitors were first partnered up in pairs of men and women before facing the

    gladiators in a variety of events, according to Chapman.