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  • Committee asks county to seek power over constables


    Roane Newspapers

    The first step in what appears to be a long process in abolishing constables in Roane County was taken Thursday night.

    A resolution that would ask the county’s legislative delegation to give the commission the power to abolish or control the police powers of constables was passed unanimously by the legislative liaison committee.

    The request can be made to state Sen. Tommy Kilby and state Rep. Dennis Ferguson, County Commission Chairman Troy Beets said, by a majority vote of the county commission.

  • State board decertifies county jail


    Roane Newspapers

    The aging Roane County Jail is no longer certified.

    The Tennessee Corrections Institute Board of Control voted to decertify the facility last week.

    The jail can operate as usual, but possible ramifications from the decertification could include higher insurance premiums and inmate lawsuits.

  • Harriman industrial board may be revived


    Roane Newspapers

    An old Harriman board may be getting new life.

    Harriman officials want to bring back the Harriman Industrial Board to help with recruiting business to the city.

    Harriman Mayor Chris Mason brought up the possibility of reviving the board during last month’s city council retreat.

    “(City coordinator) Bobby (Tidwell) is asking to resurrect that board,” Mason said.

  • High-tech firms close to Roane deal


    Roane Newspapers

    The county is closing in on a $1 million land deal that officials contend has the potential to create 450 jobs at the Roane Regional Business and Technology Park.

    According to information provided by Leslie Henderson, president and chief executive officer of The Roane Alliance, Sam Weaver is buying more than 40 acres in the back of Roane Regional to run his companies.

    The businesses coming to the park as part of the deal include Red Diamond Ceramics, Cool Energy Inc. and Proton Power.

  • Constables to hold their ground


    Roane Newspapers

    If the position of constable is abolished in Roane County, it won’t be because constables sat quietly and let it happen.

  • Indoor recreation facility goal for Harriman


    Roane Newspapers

    A recent Harriman City Council retreat helped city officials decide on goals for the coming year.

    University of Tennessee’s Municipal Technical Advisory Service consultant Warren Nevad led the meeting which focused first on what the city is and isn’t doing right or should be doing.

    It also helped the city identify its strengths and weaknesses.

    Harriman Mayor Chris Mason is determined to make headway on the goals they set.

  • School grants total more than $2.3 million


    Morgan County News Editor

    Morgan County School children are benefiting from some $2.3 million in grant funds that have been obtained by the local school system.

  • Holiday pageantry

    This year's production of The Nutcracker, presented by Arts In Motion at Roane State Community College, was so successful that an extra show had to be added. The show also was a big help to the Roane County Animal Shelter. School children and others brought food and other items to donate to the shelter.

  • Answer for abuse? Get away and don't let it happen again


    Roane Newspapers

    Nancy Grimes is on the front lines in the fight against domestic violence.

    She’s the director of Iva’s Place, a help center for domestic violence victims in Lenoir City.

    Her message to anyone in an abusive relationship is simple.

    “Get out,” she said.

    Grimes warns your last breath could come as a result of your partner’s violent rage.

  • Rockwood mayor seeks pit bull ban


    Roane Newspapers

    Twelve people die each year from dog-bite-related fatalities.

    With the recent fatal mauling of a Knox County woman by two pit bulls fresh on his mind, Rockwood Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller has decided to take a stand.

    Miller wants to draft an ordinance to ban the breed from within the city, but he’s not sure if the state will allow a breed-specific ban.