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  • Breakfast support helped South Gate Lodge fund two scholarships

    On behalf of South Gate Masonic Lodge, we would like to thank everyone who attended our country breakfast on May 12.

    Funds from this event enabled us to supply two $500 scholarships this school year.

    Come visit us again June 16 and support this great cause and, once again, thank you to the Roane County News for your support of community events.

    Terry R. Ward


    South Gate Masonic Lodge, Harriman

  • Saturday morning emergency session called to accept school director's resignation

    Roane County Board of Education Chairman Rob Jago has called a Saturday morning emergency board meeting to accept Director of Schools Leah Watkins' letter of resignation.

    The meeting will begin at 9 a.m. in the boardroom of the Edward E. Williams Building at 105 Bluff Road, Kingston.

    The emergency-called session also includes appointing an interim director of schools.

  • Pair in stolen SUV arrested for drug possession

    Two women are facing drug charges following a weekend traffic stop in Rockwood.

    According to the report, Rockwood Police Officer Chris Kennedy pulled over a red Ford Explorer Saturday night because it was pulling a trailer with no lighting equipment activated on the trailer.

    “I conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle in the 1400 block of N. Gateway Avenue,” the report said.

  • SS3 car vandals strike in Rockwood

    Three Rockwood residents reported having vehicles vandalized last week.

    “They had the same thing written on them,” Rockwood Police Chief Bill Stinnett said.

    Officer Patrick Richard spoke with all three victims on June 6.

    According to one report, he met with Jill Fisher at 421 Lakemont Drive.

    “While speaking to Mrs. Fisher, she informed me her truck had been spray painted and continued to show me the black SS3 on the side,” the report said.

  • Four firms seeking architectural nod for utility operations

    Rockwood Water, Sewer and Natural Gas board members will meet in a workshop at 10 a.m. Wednesday to hear proposals regarding their new office and operational center.

    “We are listening to presentations from the architects/engineering firms that have been shortlisted to work on the new office and operation center. There will be four presentations- from 10-2,” said manager Kim Ramsey.

    The firms who will present at the workshop are Allen and Hoshall; McCarty Hosaple McCarty; The Lewis Group; and Michael Brady Inc.

  • ‘You’re out of order’

    Roane County Executive Ron Woody usually remains seated while discussing resolutions at County Commission meetings.

    A resolution presented at Monday’s meeting prompted him to stand up.

    “As the chief executive officer, and looking at what this county wants to try to accomplish in emergency services, I’m recommending everyone vote to pass this resolution,” Woody said.

    The resolution he was speaking about called for purchasing the Roane County Rescue Squad building for $258,000.

  • Cruisin’ into Harriman
  • Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: Dwelling on differences makes us losers

    By Mark Banker

    I began last week’s column with a quote from a favorite author. Near the end of his good and productive life, Tony Hillerman recalled becoming outraged when some devious neighbors in Depression-era Oklahoma took advantage of a generous old farmer.

    “Son,” the old man advised, “if you don’t forgive your enemies, you’re going to run out of friends.”

  • Watkins candidate for job in West Tenn.

    Roane County Director of Schools Leah Rice Watkins may soon be heading home — or closer to it.

    Watkins is a candidate for the director of schools job at Obion County Board of Education and will have her second interview on Tuesday, June 12, which will be followed by discussion and potential naming of a director.

    “That is 35 minutes from my house in West Tennessee. It is really close to where my family was, where my kids have been raised,” said Watkins.