Local News

  • Listeria found at Blue Bell plant in 2013

    The hits keep coming for Blue Bell Creameries.

    Last week, the Food and Drug Administration released a report that showed listeria was found at the ice cream maker’s plant in Broken Arrow, Okla., in March 2013.

    The company didn’t suspend operations at the plant until last month.

    “Several swab tests did show the presence of listeria on non-food surfaces in Blue Bell’s Broken Arrow plant in 2013,” company spokesman Joe Robertson said Friday.

  • Roane could take hit if Battelle appeal OK’d

    An appeal by UT-Battelle could leave Roane County lighter in the coffers.

    “UT-Battelle appealed one of their real property parcels that we have valued at over $98 million for the 2014 tax year,” Roane County Property Assessor David Morgan said.

    “They believe the fair market value of that property is just over $71 million,” he added.

    “They appealed because they believe their property is appraised too high.”

  • Rockwood man charged with rape, hit his mom

    Warren E. Dyer, a 29-year-old Rockwood man, is accused of raping a woman in March.

    Roane County Sheriff’s Deputy Phillip Geyer picked up Dyer on May 3 at the Anderson County Jail, where he was being held in an unrelated case.

    Dyer was brought to Kingston and booked into the Roane County Jail for rape and other charges.

    Dyer was not a stranger to his accuser. According to the warrant, he took the woman to his mother’s apartment just outside the Rockwood city limits on March 17.

  • Better to file lien on land than own it, attorney says

    Rockwood officials have had some luck with property owners who would rather turn over their property to the city than face court time and cleanup costs.

    In one recent instance, however, city attorney Greg Leffew advised officials against taking the bait, no matter how tempting it is to make progress toward getting it cleaned up.

    That’s because a mortgage is connected to the property.

  • Another Dollar General, this time in Harriman

    Dollar General stores are popping up all over Roane County — and Harriman isn’t any different.

    In fact, Roane County’s next Dollar General will be at Roane Street and Georgia Avenue in North Harriman.

    “It is a well-needed store that will service parts of Morgan County and everyone on the north end of Harriman,” said Mayor Chris Mason.

    Several homes in that area will have to come down to make way for the new store.

  • Dunn Center’s schools closing

    Michael Dunn Center’s Board voted to close its two school facilities Thursday, much to the disappointment of the families who rely on them.

    Closing will be the school on Michael Dunn property off Gallaher Road. Also to be closed is the Henry Center Day Care off Hwy. 27.

    Budget concerns are what forced the closures.

    The board met for about two hours and heard from concerned families who had students at the schools.

  • Persistent 911 caller got his ride

    Dennis Lowery got a ride in police car on April 29 — but not the one he wanted.

    The 34-year-old was arrested and taken to jail after he allegedly called 911 twice and asked for an officer to give him a ride to Rockwood.

    According to the warrant, Lowery called from the Super 8 Motel on Kentucky Street in Kingston.

    “The dispatcher explained to him that it was not an emergency, and he needed to stop calling 911,” the warrant said.

  • TVA auctioning Emory River Road parcels

    TVA plans to hold a public auction to sell 62 parcels it acquired along Emory River Road because of the ash spill.

    The TVA Board of Directors approved the plan during its meeting in Huntsville, Ala., on Thursday.

  • A pinch of sugar for Mother’s Day