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  • Persistent 911 caller got his ride

    Dennis Lowery got a ride in police car on April 29 — but not the one he wanted.

    The 34-year-old was arrested and taken to jail after he allegedly called 911 twice and asked for an officer to give him a ride to Rockwood.

    According to the warrant, Lowery called from the Super 8 Motel on Kentucky Street in Kingston.

    “The dispatcher explained to him that it was not an emergency, and he needed to stop calling 911,” the warrant said.

  • TVA auctioning Emory River Road parcels

    TVA plans to hold a public auction to sell 62 parcels it acquired along Emory River Road because of the ash spill.

    The TVA Board of Directors approved the plan during its meeting in Huntsville, Ala., on Thursday.

  • A pinch of sugar for Mother’s Day
  • Rockwood official questions citizenship of store owner

    When Rockwood City Council approved a certificate of compliance for the new owner of Gateway Spirits, one council member had some questions about the citizenship of the new owner.

    Councilman Dudley Evans posed the question to Sanjay B. Patel, the sole member of Dhruvi LLC, at Rockwood’s City Council meeting last week.

    “I am a U.S. Citizen,” Patel told Evans.

    He also entertained Evans questions about why “the hell” Patels always seem to be in this sort of industry.

  • Two boys from Loudon County found in Rockwood


    Two Loudon County boys were found, thanks to Rockwood Police this weekend.

    Officers Jared Hall and Charles Haubrich were praised by Rockwood Police Department for finding 13-year-old Justin Brafford and 10-year-old Thomas Reece over the weekend. An East Tennessee Endangered Child Alert was issued for Loudon County Sheriff’s Office for the boys after they disappeared, last being seen at their home in Lenoir City 10:15 p.m. May 1.

  • Students exposed to perils of drunk driving
  • Kingston firefighters dive into new line of rescue work

    Kingston Fire Department expects to be ready to jump right in if a water emergency happens at this year’s Fourth of July festival.

    A group of firefighters have been training to be rescue divers and are well on their way to being certified this summer.

    They’ll be the first diving team in Roane County, officials said.

    “Ten members will be certified,” said Kingston Fire Chief Willie Gordon. “They are doing their classes now. They’ll be certified by July 4.”

  • Doug Wilson — pharmacist, Democrat civic leader — dies

    Doug Wilson, who died Wednesday at age 72, was not just a well-known Rockwood pharmacist.

    The operator of the former Wilson’s Drug Store and civic leader was a cherished member of the community.

    Denny Fritts said he was an old family friend.

    “We all did business with him at his store, and we all had a line of credit,” Fritts said. “I worked as an independent contractor, and I didn’t have insurance, but Doug never failed to give the kids or me whatever we needed.”

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Can we all quit playing, ‘Let’s pretend?’

    Gentle reader, when we were very young, and radio was the thing, there was a children’s programme called “Let’s Pretend,” featuring stories calling on the young listeners to leave their everyday world, use their imaginations and enter into a world of fantasy and make-believe.

  • GUEST OPINION: Messages of hate, signs of freedom


    First Amendment Center

    Freedom of speech took a hit this week when New York City’s transit authority voted to ban all political and public-issue advertising on its buses and subways.

    A group called the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) sponsored the message that triggered the decision.