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  • Skidmore leaving as city clerk

    Harriman Clerk Angie Skidmore will no longer be a fixture at Harriman City Hall, but she has not moved far.

    Skidmore is down the street working as a bookkeeper at Harriman Utility Board.

    She leaves after six years as city clerk.

  • $9.1 million in TVA auction

    Ray Morgan rose early Saturday morning to make his way from Jefferson County down Interstate 40 and into a quiet lakeside neighborhood a bit north of Kingston.

    He found himself a shady spot on a front porch to study a catalog, all the while keeping his eye on the prize: Parcel No. 39.

    Or, as it’s better known, the house at 540 Emory River Road.

  • After three years, plea in Kingston shooting

    Tammy Rosado finally admitted to the 2012 slaying of James Cobb on Monday.

    However, Cobb’s daughter still expressed disappointment in Rosado’s punishment as she left the courthouse.

    “Five years isn’t enough,” Ashley Griffith said.

    Rosado was charged with second-degree murder for shooting Cobb.

    She pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter and received a five-year prison sentence.

    “I really don’t think that’s long enough at all,” Griffith said.  

  • Scuffle over cellphone ends in robbery charge

    An elderly Crossville man allegedly scuffled with a clerk at the Harriman AT&T store last week over a cellphone.

    Marcel Bilodeau, 73, was charged with robbery in the incident. According to the warrant, Bilodeau “was attempting to exchange a cellphone which exceeded company policy.”

    “The victim said the defendant eventually agreed to pay for the cellphone,” the warrant said. “However, after the victim retrieved the phone from inventory, the defendant attempted to grab the phone across the checkout counter without paying.”

  • Sewer rate won’t change for Rockwood homes

    Rockwood utility customers don’t need to worry about a new sewer rate.

    Rockwood Water Sewer and Natural Gas is considering a new rate for some customers, but it will not affect the rates of others. The discussion set for this Thursday is around a commercial customer’s request for a new rate because he uses a high amount of water but not sewer.

    “The board is going to consider changing that,” said manager Kim Ramsey.

  • Empty air ambulance good news

    Roane County emergency responders rescued a tree trimmer trapped in a tree in Rockwood Saturday afternoon.

    Joe Cagle was pinned when a limb he cut fell on his leg at the Coles Road home where he was working.

    Lifestar was called because of the nature of the incident, but was not needed.

    “He walked after that tree had been on there,” said Kathy Cole, the property owner.

    Cagle went by private vehicle to have X-rays on his injured foot.

    Cole said she was impressed by the emergency response.

  • Judge injures arm, still working

    Criminal Court Judge E. Eugene Eblen was back on the bench Monday, albeit a bit sorer than when he left court on Friday.

    Roane County bailiff Don Gooch said Eblen was working on his garage door Friday afternoon when he fell off a ladder and injured his arm.  

    “He’s not feeling too bad,” said Gooch, who has been Eblen’s bailiff for years.

    Eblen’s arm was in a sling on Monday. He presided in court to take a plea in a Roane County murder case.  

  • Rosado pleads to manslaughter in boyfriend's shooting death

    Tammy Rosado has until Sept. 14 to report to the Roane County Jail to begin serving her five-year sentence on voluntary manslaughter.

    Rosado pleaded guilty Monday afternoon in Roane County Criminal Court. She had originally been charged with second-degree murder in the 2012 shooting death of her boyfriend, James Ronald Cobb, in the couple's Kingston home.

    Cobb died April 7, 2012, days after the shooting took place.

    Read more details in Wednesday's Roane County News and online at RoaneCounty.com.

  • Check out this once in a blue moon sky July 31

    In celebration of the National Park Service’s upcoming centennial in 2016, the Obed Wild and Scenic River will host a rare event on July 31 that will feature the blue moon gracing the night sky and giving visitors their last chance to observe this celestial phenomenon for nearly three years.

    The free evening program will begin at the Lilly Bluff Overlook parking area at 7:30 p.m. and will conclude by 10 p.m.

  • Harriman officials eye lot for farmers market downtown

    The demolition and cleanup at the old Miller & Brewer building site by Roane County holds some promise for Harriman’s goal of having a farmers market downtown.

    City officials have been waiting on utilizing a grant they received for a farmers market pavilion so they could see what becomes of that property.

    “If timing allowed, we wanted to see what developed at those locations to see if they could somehow tie into the farmers market being relocated downtown,” said manager Kevin Helms.