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  • Roane County man dies from hypothermia

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    A Roane County man died this week from hypothermia, Roane County Medical Examiner Dr. Thomas Boduch confirmed.

    “He was found yesterday (Wednesday),” Boduch said. “We can't be sure exactly when the death occurred, but sometime between Sunday and yesterday.”

    Boduch said the man, who lived south of Rockwood near the Rhea County line, was last seen alive Sunday.

  • Road supt.: Storm cleanup could take up to a month

    Roane County Road Superintendent Dennis Ferguson said there are still hundreds of trees down around the county.

    “It's been bad out there,” he said Wednesday afternoon. “For people who don't have any trees down in their community, if they could get in some of these off area roads and see the trees that were just stacked up on top of each other. I'm talking about going 50-foot and cutting another tree, going 100 yards and cutting three trees. Some trees are so big that we can't even get our equipment out to get to them.”




    It didn’t snow Monday, but sleet and freezing rain created a nightmare situation for emergency, utility and road crews Tuesday.

    That ice coating and predicted deep freeze prolonged the Presidents Day vacation for Roane County students.

    “A lot of roads still got trees over them and ice on them,” Director of Schools Gary Aytes said Tuesday. He said unless conditions improved dramatically, school could be called off all week.

  • Utility crews struggle to keep up

    Icy rain coating Roane County Monday and into Tuesday has kept utility crews working nonstop.

    Rockwood Electric Utility Manager Kendall Bear estimated 1,500 customers were still without power Tuesday afternoon. He said he hoped the utility gets to all of them quickly but some of the most isolated places may still be without power on Thursday or Friday.

    “I’m hoping we can beat that but I’m very skeptical,” Bear said.

    Power outages started Monday afternoon.

  • Family speaks on police shooting

    Stephanie Foland was able to sit down over the weekend and share her side of last week’s officer-involved shooting.

    She credits her boyfriend, Christopher Lee Powers, for making that possible.

    “I’m very lucky to be alive,” she said, “and if it wasn’t for him pushing me down, I know I’d be shot, too.”

    Foland said Powers was shot six times when Roane County Sheriff’s Deputy John Mayes fired through the windshield of their Hyundai Accent.

  • One killed in weekend accident in Midtown

    An accident on Hwy. 70 left one dead and five injured on Saturday.

    It happened in Midtown near Charles Ballew Road around 2 p.m.

    According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Terrance A. Clark was headed east in a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck when a Chevy TrailBlazer driven by Robin W. Ledbetter crossed the center line and struck him head on.

    Clark, 46, was killed. Two passengers in the Tacoma, 45-year-old Tabatha D. Clark and 15-year-old Leaf A. Clark, were injured.

  • No decision yet, but bitterly cold temps could cancel school for rest of week

    Roane County Schools have cancelled classes for Wednesday.

    “A lot of roads still got trees over them and ice on them,” Director of
    Schools Gary Aytes said.

    Unless conditions improve dramatically, Aytes said it’s doubtful students
    will be in school on Thursday, but that decision won’t be made until
    Wednesday, he said.

    “I think Thursday morning the temperature is supposed to be like a minus-13
    or something,” Aytes said. “That’s the reason I say it doesn’t look good
    for the rest of the week.”

  • Stay home, emergency services director advises

    Office of Emergency Services Director Scott Stout said his office was still
    dealing with road conditions.

    “What we’re doing right now is working with the utilities and highway
    department to get the roads opened,” he said. “South of the River, West
    Roane County District, there’s some spotty other places, but those are the
    two areas that were hit the worse.”

    Stout said he was advising people to stay off the roads.

    “If you don’t absolutely have to get out, it’s best to stay in because we

  • Sheriff: No major emergencies reported due to weather

    Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton said some of his employees were able to
    drive to work Tuesday, but they’ve also had to provide transportation for
    some because of the road conditions.

    “The office workers, some of those we’ve had to pick up,” he said. “We’ve
    been shuffling vehicles in and out, the ones with four-wheel drive and
    stuff like that.”

    Stockton said the records office opened at 11 a.m. and they plan to close
    at 4 p.m. He said the patrol division will still be operating 24/7.

  • School closed for rest of the week; other closings and cancellations

    Roane County Schools

    Roane County Schools are closed for the rest of the week.


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