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  • Officer-involved shooting on Rockwood mountain

    District Attorney General Russell Johnson has sent the TBI to investigate a Thursday morning officer-involved shooting in the Mount Roosevelt area near Rockwood.

    The incident involves a Rockwood Police Department officer.

    TBI and other police are still on scene.

    More as this develops in Monday's Roane County News and at RoaneCounty.com.

  • Rockwood woman accused of huffing ‘cold can of duster’

    A Rockwood woman was arrested for huffing on Dec. 18.

    According to the warrant, Rockwood Police Officer Shamus Pio responded to 205 E. Dunn St. on a call about a female passed out in a vehicle.

    He identified the female as 27-year-old Kelsey Leffler of 165 Strickland Lane.

    “Ms. Leffler did admit to me that she had huffed some duster in the car,” the warrant said. “She thought she was close to her house on Strickland Lane.”

    Pio said Leffler was offered medical treatment, but refused.

  • Teen arrested for DUI after fleeing troopers

    A Roane County teen was accused of fleeing from the Tennessee Highway Patrol over the weekend.

    Dylan J. Brannon, 19, is charged with DUI, evading arrest and underage consumption in the incident.

    Trooper Matthew Vespie said he observed Brannon driving a white GMC truck with tags that belonged to a red Ford.

    “I attempted to execute a traffic stop for the violation and the subject did not stop,” the warrant said.

  • Crossville brothers arrested at Walmart

    Two Crossville brothers were arrested after a trip to the Rockwood Walmart on Dec. 15.

    Jacob Jackson Webb, 30, is charged with theft of property in the incident.

    Joshua Todd Webb, 39, is charged with criminal trespassing.

    According to the warrant, Rockwood Police Officer Rachel Meyer was dispatched to the Walmart regarding a shoplifter.

    “I was given permission to search the vehicle and located a store bag full of items,” the warrant said.

    Those items included belts, wallets, hats and clothing.

  • Library’s new mural showcases Roane’s countryside

    Beautiful imagery depicting Roane’s rural countryside greets visitors at Harriman Public Library.

    A mural, completed with donations from volunteers and the Friends of the Library, was completed late this summer by Elaine Shumaker. Its rich colors sprawl across the entryway of the historic Carnegie Library.

    “It was a marvelous job. I love it,” enthused volunteer Mary Ann Selewski.

    Many Carnegie Libraries have murals, librarian Tammie Edwards said.

  • DA urging legislature to make child support changes

    Mothers who make no effort to identify father of their children could have a cap on the number of years in which they can go back and seek child support.

    “We’re asking the legislature to consider allowing a law that says you can’t go back any more than five years,” 9th Judicial District Attorney General Russell Johnson said.

    Johnson said his office collected $8.173 million in child support during the 2014-15 fiscal year and led the state in establishing orders in cases.

  • Court amends Smoot indictment

    Accused murderer Shawn Smoot was back in criminal court Monday as presiding Judge E. Eugene Eblen ruled in favor of the state regarding findings of fact and a technical glitch in the murder indictment.

    The hearing took place in Loudon County, which is where Eblen was holding court on Monday.

    Smoot is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 23-year-old Brooke Nicole Morris.

    Morris’ body was found at the intersection of Blair Road and Old Blair Road in Roane County on Oct. 15, 2011. Police said she had been shot.


    Leon Houston walked into the courtroom Monday for his federal sentencing hearing having already served nearly three years behind bars.

    U.S. District Judge Pamela Reeves could have kept him locked up for another two years, but opted not to.

    She instead sentenced him to time served on his conviction for threatening his former attorney via interstate commerce.

    “Thank you,” Houston shouted, as Reeves was stepping down from the bench.

    Houston was being held at the Knox County Jail pending sentencing.

  • Hearing planned for mill cleanup

    The final stages of cleanup are progressing at the former papermill location on the banks of the Emory River in Harriman.

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently notified city officials about an estimated time frame for the work taking place.

    “They hope to be on site doing work in the March-April time frame of next year,” said Harriman City Manager Kevin Helms.

    Helms said city leaders are estimating a 30 day period to take public comment beginning Dec. 28.