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  • Jousting for more permanent impact


    Tennessee Medieval Faire hopes to draw visitors from across the region this month.

    Organizers of the event, which kicks off Saturday, hope to eventually expand to become a true permanent medieval village.

    “We hope to have at least 2,000 (people) a day,” said Barrie Paulson, vice president, manager and entertainment director of Darkhorse Entertainment LLC.

    Her partner and husband, Lars Paulson, thinks they can do as well as 3,000 to 4,000 people.

  • All of Roane County a park

    A diverse group of residents is seeking to have Roane County declared a park.

    Not just its picturesque waters, forested hills and pastoral valleys, but also the retail strips, the residential areas and the industrial parks. That’s right, the whole shebang.

    Why? To make a point.

    It’s a key part of a plan adopted this week by The Roane Alliance’s Green Team, a citizens advisory panel led by Alliance President and CEO Wade Creswell.


    Roane County Director of Schools Gary Aytes is hoping for fair weather.

    The school system has five graduations scheduled over the next five days, and Aytes said four are planned to take place outside.

    “We’re hoping for nice weather so those that are scheduled for outside can take place outside,” he said.

    First up is Roane County High School. Its students are scheduled to graduate today — Friday — at 8 p.m.

  • DCS employee arrested after alleged N.C. assault

    Tom Hogan, an employee with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, was arrested in Harriman on Wednesday.

    “Our Internal Affairs investigators are aware of the current criminal charges and are looking into the employee’s case,” Rob Johnson, a DCS spokesman, said by email Thursday.

    Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton said authorities took Hogan into custody because he is wanted by the Asheville, N.C., Police Department for an alleged assault.

    Stockton said the alleged victim in that case was Hogan’s girlfriend.

  • Water safety
  • Students vs. teachers
  • Credit companies sue Ferguson

    A misunderstanding.

    That’s what Roane County Road Superintendent Dennis Ferguson called two civil actions filed against him in Roane County General Sessions Court.

    One debt collection lawsuit was filed by Discover Bank, and the other was filed by Capital One Bank.

    “They’ve already been resolved,” Ferguson said Thursday. “It was a misunderstanding that I’ve already taken care of.”

  • Feeling pain at Dunn Center

    It’s official.

    Michael Dunn School and the Henry Center daycare will be closing their doors June 30.

    Last week, the Dunn Center Board made the tough decision to cut the programs this fiscal year, despite the earnest pleas of parents of developmentally disabled children who attend the Michael Dunn School.

    “It is not easy for any of us, and I think all of us know the value of the Michael Dunn School and the Henry Center,” said Chairman Jim Pinkerton.

  • Other Dunn cuts

    The Michael Dunn Center is still open for business helping those with developmental disabilities.

    President and CEO Mike McElhinney said there has been confusion in the community.

    “There are still 10 other programs,” he said.

  • Former Harriman teacher dies

    A beloved Harriman school teacher passed away on Sunday.

    Bobbie Ruth Mee, 76, who taught 47 years, was known for leading the yearbook staff and teaching typing class at Harriman High School. She retired in 2008.

    “She was very dedicated to anything she was a part of, whether it was school clubs and groups or being faithful to go to church,” said her son, Kenyon Mee, a Harriman City Councilman. “She was very loving and caring.”

    Her family was a fixture at First Christian Church.