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  • Tax hike for sheriff’s office? It all depends on who you ask

    Officials aren’t on the same page about the proposed budget for the Roane County Sheriff’s Office.

    Last month, Sheriff Jack Stockton told the Roane County News his budget won’t require an increase in the property tax rate.

    County Executive Ron Woody disagrees. He said the sheriff’s budget that was approved by the budget committee includes a 1-cent increase in the rate.

    “We didn’t ask for any tax increase on our budget,” Stockton told the Sheriff’s Liaison Committee last week.

  • Mayor vows to hold Rockwood tax rate, unless ...

    Rockwood leaders are scheduled to have first reading of the city’s 2015-16 budget at a meeting at 6 p.m. May 28.

    Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller said he’s still tweaking the budget he’ll present to Council that day.

    One thing he doesn’t plan on messing with is how much money the city gets in property tax.

    “Our tax rate is $1. It will not go above that unless our appraisals come in and says to get the same amount we had last year we’ll have to be above that,” Miller said.

  • OS water rate hike likely

    Oliver Springs water customers may be paying more this summer.

    The Oliver Springs Board of Aldermen met in a budget workshop recently and discussed what they said was a necessary raise in rates.

    “We are looking at 15 percent,” said Mayor Jerry Vann. “Probably down the road, it will have to go up more.”

    Vann said Oliver Springs water customers have not had a rate increase in a few years.

    “They should have been going up about 2 percent every year,” he added.

  • TVA Swan Pond auction in July

    J.P. King of Gadsden, Ala., is handling the auction of TVA properties in Swan Pond.

    The TVA board of directors approved the auction of 62 parcels along Emory River Road earlier this month.

    TVA acquired the properties following the Dec. 22, 2008, ash spill at the agency’s Kingston Fossil Plant.

    Ric Perez, a senior vice president of shared services for TVA, told the board that TVA staff is convinced returning the parcels to private ownership is the best thing to do.

    The 62 parcels cover about 77 acres. Twenty-three have houses on them.

  • OS High principal retiring

    Oliver Springs High School will have a new principal next school year.

    Principal Jeff Woods is retiring.

    “We kept trying to talk him into staying,” Roane County Director of Schools Gary Aytes said. “He’s a super individual. We’re certainly going to miss him.”

    Aytes said Woods has been at Oliver Springs High School for 30 years. He took over the principal’s job there in 2004.

    “Mr. Woods is a great guy,” Board of Education Member Sam Cox said. “I hate to see him retire.”

  • Property values drop about 6 percent

    The 2015 reappraisal is still not complete, but officials have an idea how much property values are down in Roane County compared to 2010.

    “The last data I have reflects about a 6 percent,” Roane County Executive Ron Woody said.

    There was widespread talk that properties were way overvalued during the 2010 reappraisal and the county could see as much as a 30-percent drop this year. Woody said the 2015 numbers he’s seen so far don’t bear that out.


    The swirling waters of the Emory River are slowly eroding the supports at the Lon Mee Bridge on Pansy Hill Road.

    Harriman city officials are seeking a federal grant in hopes of taking counteractive measures.

    According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Highway Bridge Scour Plan of Action Report from April 2014, the bridge is “scour critical.”

  • Youngsters admire diplomas
  • Judge seat to be on 2016 ballot?

    The Ninth Judicial District criminal court judge wasn’t supposed to be on the ballot next August, but that could change.

    Criminal Court Judge E. Eugene Eblen said Monday that he plans to retire at the end of the year.

    If that happens, it could trigger a chain of events that includes a gubernatorial appointment and a special election in August 2016 to fill out the term.

  • Kingston to rebid greenway amenities

    Some highly anticipated upgrades to Kingston’s Ladd Landing Greenway are moving forward, but how the project will shake out is still unknown.

    The addition of an array of amenities at the greenway is being rebid after the sole bid in the first round was well above what Kingston had budgeted.

    Councilman Tony Brown was especially outspoken on the project at a Kingston City Council meeting this month.