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  • Cupp death investigation complete

    The investigation into the death of a Roane County woman found seriously injured outside her boyfriend’s home in August has been closed.

    The medical examiner determined Kristin Mallory Jackson Cupp died from a subdural hemorrhage caused by a fall, said Roane County Sheriff’s Investigator Art Wolff.

    “There are no charges,” he said.

    Cupp was found outside 1743 Bluff Road on Sunday, Aug. 16.

  • Leon Houston request to toss prosecutor denied

    Assistant U.S. Attorney David Jennings can prosecute Leon Houston during his retrial on a charge of making a threat via interstate commerce. Houston wanted Jennings off the case, but U.S. Magistrate C. Clifford Shirley Jr. ruled Jennings can stay.

    “The court finds no basis to disqualify Mr. Jennings from participating in the retrial of the threat charge,” Shirley wrote in his order.

  • Dress-up time at Roane State’s BCM
  • Tribute to a Community Friend

    Rockwood officials honored the memory of a prominent businessman by renaming the city’s community center in his tribute.

    Doug Wilson was treasured by countless people in the community. The beloved pharmacist, who died in May, was well known for hiring young people to work in his pharmacies.

    “I want to emphasis one point here, and I think it goes with the renaming of the community center,” Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller said during Friday’s dedication ceremony.

  • Inventory for OES on no set schedule

    Roane County Executive Ron Woody doesn’t speak with much regret when he reflects on the circumstances surrounding a former Office of Emergency Services employee accused of stealing from the county.

    “I’m proud that it was stopped as soon as it was,” Woody said. “Could it have been stopped earlier? Yes, anything could have been. Could it have gone on a whole lot longer? You’re doggone right it could have.”

    OES is one of the departments that falls under the county executive’s jurisdiction.

  • Judge calls for hearing do over

    A second preliminary hearing was held on Oct. 26 in the case of Bobby Lee Murray, who is charged in a 2014 shooting.

    The attorneys involved in the case said Roane County Criminal Court Judge E. Eugene Eblen ordered the second hearing due to an issue with a recording from the first one.

    “The way the system is, it can only be transcribed,” Assistant District Attorney General Terry Stevens said.

  • Easy driving again on Roane Street
  • Authorities look into the death of South Roane man

    A South of the River man was found dead outside a home at Hilltop Drive last week.

    Sheriff Jack Stockton said Wesley Colyer, 49, was found dead outside the home of Robert Tonachio at 115 Hilltop Drive, Kingston.

    “He was supposed to spend the night,” the sheriff said.

    “He never did come in the house, and his friend found him outside the next morning.”

    Stockton said there was a social gathering at the home that night.

    “We are not sure of the cause of death,” said Stockton.

  • Roane Treasures class to be honored

    The ninth annual Roane County Founders Day will be celebrated by recognizing the 2015 class of Roane Treasures this week.

    The celebration begins at 6 p.m. Nov. 3 in Roane County Courthouse, Kingston.