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  • Aide killed in bus crash had ties to Rockwood

    A teacher’s aide killed in a tragic Knox County bus crash was no stranger to people in Rovckwood.

    Kim Riddle, 46, was a former Rockwood student. Her parents, Stanley and Cynthia Wester, still live there.

    A family friend, Carolyn Clemmons, reacted like many people did when they heard about the two-school bus crash in Knoxville that killed Riddle and two children.

    “It broke my heart to see it,” said Clemmons.

  • Henry says he’s glad for DCS move

    After almost two years as commissioner of the Department of Children’s Services, Jim Henry said he has no regrets with his role there.

    “It’s been a good job,” he said Monday. “When you’re helping kids, it just doesn’t get any better than that as far as your personal gratification.”

    Henry was commissioner of the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities when Gov. Bill Haslam named him interim commissioner of DCS in February 2013.

  • Feds come through on tornado costs

    Federal disaster aid is expected to cover most of the costs Roane County incurred when an EFO-rated tornado hit the area in June.

    “All the paper work is turned in,” Roane County Office of Emergency Services Acting Director Scott Stout said. “Now it’s up to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to get us our money.”

    Figures provided by Stout show the county incurred $313,636 in expenses because of the storm.

    Of that, $290,923 is expected to be reimbursed by FEMA.

  • 'Tis the Season
  • Top Flight shows spirit
  • Weekend fire forces family out

    A Harriman family is staying with family after a Sunday afternoon fire damaged their house.

    Nobody was home at 122 Coffee Lane when the fire started.

    “It appears to have started in the basement. Right now, we are seeing it as an accidental fire,” said Fire Chief Brad Goss.

    Harriman Fire Department and Harriman Police Department responded to another fire Monday evening, but it was out by the time emergency personnel arrived at 1005 Old Roane St.

    Goss said it was a stove fire and the residents were able to put out on their own.

  • Pedestrian struck in Rockwood

    A man was injured when struck while walking across Gateway Avenue Saturday evening.

    Dennis Lee Dyle, 42, 705 Elm Ave., was flown by helicopter to University of Tennessee Medical Center.

    According to Rockwood police reports, Dyle was crossing from the east to the west side of Gateway Avenue when he walked into the path of a vehicle driven by 91-year-old Lloyd Douglas Lockhart, also of Rockwood.

  • Tim Neal, Kingston’s new mayor, takes reins

    Tim Neal had several things to feel proud about on Monday.

    Chief among them was being sworn in as the new mayor for the city of Kingston.

    “It’s an honor,” he said.

    The swearing-in ceremony took place at City Hall. Council members Randy Childs, Sarah Humphreys and Don White were also sworn in. Neal, Childs, Humphreys and White were all winners in the city’s Nov. 4 election.

  • Rockwood school’s 50th celebrated Saturday

    Ridge View Elementary was a state-of-the-art school when it opened 50 years ago.

    Instead of traditional walls, it had partitions that could be taken down so classes could participate in some studies — such as music — together.

    Later additions to the school included a open-style building which surrounding classroom pods could see into.

    “It was a new concept in education,” said Rockwood High School Principal Alan Reed.

  • Parents win bond motion

    The parents of murder suspect Shawn Smoot will get back the $250,000 cash bond they put up to secure his release from the Roane County Jail.

    Chris and Jane Smoot filed a motion in Roane County Criminal Court requesting a return of the funds.

    Criminal Court Judge E. Eugene Eblen granted the motion on Tuesday.

    The attorney for the parents was directed to draw up an order for Eblen to sign.

    The District Attorney General’s Office had opposed the motion and sought forfeiture of the bond.