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  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Dr. Rywell’s Tenn. apple stack cake re-re-revisited

    Gentle reader, there comes a time when repeating oneself is no longer repetition but instead tradition.

    Thus it is with our annual holiday column about our beloved Tennessee Apple Stack Cake, also known in this area as “Fruit Cake.”

    As we have said many times before, what is being offered in some grocery stores as apple stack cake is not our Tennessee Apple Stack Cake.

  • Court fee put off at public defender’s request

    A resolution calling for a new $12.50 fee on criminal cases was withdrawn from Monday night’s Roane County Commission meeting agenda.

    Commission Chairman James Brummett said 9th Judicial District Public Defender Kim Nelson requested that the resolution be pulled.

    According to the resolution, the $12.50 fee would “defray cost of legal representation and support services provided indigent defendants in criminal procedures.”

  • Student hurt in intramural game

    A Roane State baseball player was flown to University of Tennessee Medical Center after a serious head injury during an intramural football game Tuesday.

    Ben Redden, 20, of Harriman, was taken to UT Medical Center, while Jordan Huddleston, 19, Kingston, was treated at the scene.

    “Ben and Jordan collided while jumping for the ball during an intramural flag football game,” said Owen Driskill, a Roane State spokesman. “Roane State personnel monitoring the game called 911.”

  • Roane Countian killed in South of the River accident

    A Ten Mile man was killed in a car accident on Nov. 7.

    The accident happened South of the River around 8 p.m.

    According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Paul McGinnis was traveling south on Johnson Church Road when he crossed into the northbound lane and struck a car driven by Sally Coad.

    McGinnis, 49, was killed. Coad and her passenger, Warren Coad, were not injured.

    McGinnis wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Trooper Alexander Evans investigated the crash.

  • Band gives commissioners a treat
  • GUEST OPINION: Matter of freedom - Excluding media is excluding you


    First Amendment Center

    Things are not “looking up” when it comes to our ability to “look down” or just around to keep an eye on what our police and other authorities are doing.

    In several high-profile incidents and elsewhere, police have moved to block the public from effectively seeing what they are doing at scenes. Those actions put First Amendment freedoms — speech, assembly, petition and free press — literally on the line.

  • Why can’t county officials “zone out” Tiger Haven?

    This letter is my response to Albert Tate’s letter in the Oct. 17 Roane County News about Tiger Haven and the director, Mary Lynn Haven.

    Mr. Tate quotes from a fundraising letter sent by Ms. Haven asking for donations to help with expenses caused by the food poisoning of many of the large cats housed there.

    She wrote that some died or got very sick from eating chicken infected with salmonella provided by a company who sent Tiger Haven meat for the animals.

  • New baler helps keep trash in check

    Roane County Solid Waste and Recycling Center got a boost last week with the installation of a new baler.

    Recycling balers are used to compact recyclables such as aluminum, cardboard, paper, and plastic into blocks that can easily be stacked and transported for sale.

    “The old baler had been here since 1997,” Roane County Solid Waste Director Ralph Stewart said. “We had just gotten to the point we couldn’t keep up anymore.”

  • New shoes galore
  • County pushes TVA on Fuller Park

    Officials see private investment along the waterfront as a way to help Roane County overcome the stigma of the TVA ash spill. One site that’s been identified is Tom Fuller Park in Rockwood.

    Roane County Executive Ron Woody wrote a letter to TVA last month, asking that the land restriction of “use as a municipal park for public recreation” be changed to also include “use for marina/restaurant/hotel.”

    “This change would allow the county/city the opportunity to explore development of a marina/resort,” the letter said.