Local News

  • Official wants prayer at games

    Harriman City Councilman J.D. Sampson was disappointed when he didn’t hear a prayer said before recent Harriman Middle School basketball games.

    They also didn’t play the national anthem at the game he attended this month.

    Sampson wants to see what he can do about it.

    “It kind of felt odd and sad that they took that prayer and national anthem out of schools,” Sampson said.

    First, he pondered if the issue of prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance in schools could be put on the ballot this August election.

  • Roane County basks in rare audit glow

    The Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury audits most of the state’s 95 counties. Unless one has done something wrong, the news releases on the findings are usually routine.

    “Generally they just file the reports and say here they are,” Roane County Executive Ron Woody said.

    That wasn’t the case with Roane County’s recent audit.

    When the report was released earlier this month, the comptroller’s office also issued a press release praising the county for its financial management.

  • Kingston holding McClure seat, for now

    Kingston Council members gave their seal of approval to a new library management agreement forged in the wake of new state standards.

    The Jan. 14 full council session saw council vote 5-0 in favor of the agreement. It had been a matter of consideration for some months, after the state librarian’s office issued a new set of guidelines for local public libraries — policies that addressed everything from housekeeping to issues surrounding upkeep of the modern “electronic library.”

  • Dollywood group to help volunteer fire department

    The Kingdom Heirs will perform at Princess Theatre in Harriman on Jan. 30 at 7 p.m.

    The concert benefits the Midtown Volunteer Fire Department.

    “We appreciate them coming and it’s a great group for everybody to come and hear,” said Midtown Chief Randy Scarborough.

    The group performed at the Princess last year for a fire department fundraiser.

    “A lot of people enjoyed it,” Scarborough said. “The public that showed up asked us if we would bring them back again.”

  • STEAMPUNK: Imagination, say hello to the Victorian era

    Steampunk is an increasingly popular science-fiction style that features steam-powered gadgetry, Victorian-era garb and more.

    “It is one of the largest growing genres,” said RJ Foster.

    It’s a niche that RJ Foster and wife, Roseanna Cooper-Foster, decided to explore after attending MegaCon, a science fiction event that features a little bit of everything from comic books, anime and popular science fiction movies and television programs.

  • 2-week term breaks may be in students’ future


    Nine-two could become more than just numbers for Roane County students.

    School officials plan to explore a calendar where students would go to school for nine weeks and then get a two-week break.

    “It increases the time off during the year by two weeks, so that means you have to start a little earlier and maybe end a little later,” Director of Schools Gary Aytes said.

    “It has good points,” he added. “Probably the big drawback is you’re starting earlier in the year.”

  • Mission Lazarus Roane dentist committed to helping build Honduras clinic

    Each year doctors, dentists and other medical personnel donate time, equipment and more to help the less fortunate.

    Mission Lazarus is one such program, which helps individuals in Honduras and Haiti, and Raymond Holmes is one of the many Tennessee dentists who has donated time on trips and is helping to get a dental clinic formed in Honduras so they can do more than pull and clean teeth.

  • Making repairs after the thaw


    Shawn Clark with the Kingston Water Department works on sawing out asphalt to repair a water main break along Hwy. 70 due to below-freezing temperatures that swept over East Tennessee the week of Jan. 6. This was the fourth repair Kingston had. Oak Ridge Utility District helped locate the break.

  • Rockwood area may boast biggest race

    Roane County Commission’s 1st District race could turn out to be one of the biggest, if the number of qualifying petitions picked up is any indication.

    As of 4 p.m. Friday, incumbents Ron Berry and Benny East could face five contenders for three seats to represent the district that includes Rockwood and surrounding areas.

    Both Berry and East picked up their qualifying petitions last week from the Roane County Election Commission. The third incumbent, Copper Bacon, said last week he does not intend to seek re-election.

  • Yager: No bill deal struck with Caldwell in exchange for condo


    State Sen. Ken Yager said his condo deal with Kingston developer Matt Caldwell had nothing to do with a bill he got passed that could benefit Caldwell financially.  

    “I keep my private business totally separate from my legislative work,” Yager said.

    Yager was the sponsor of Senate Bill 1346 that allows property owners to get a break on their delinquent tax penalties because of the TVA ash spill.