State of Tennessee

  • Vanderbilt researchers find possible connection to elderly cognitive decline

    Seemingly harmless fluid-filled spaces around the cerebral small vessels, commonly seen on brain MRIs in older adults, are now thought to be associated with more compromised cognitive skills, according to a Vanderbilt University Medical Center study published in Neurology.

    The new findings challenge longstanding beliefs these areas – known as perivascular spaces — are a harmless imaging marker.

  • Hoyos to speak at Democrat event

    Renee Hoyos, who was the Democratic candidate for Tennessee’s 2nd Congressional District in the 2018 election, will be the guest speaker at the Monday, March 25 meeting of the Anderson County Democratic Women’s Club.

    The club will meet at 6 p.m. at The Other One, a deli at 178 Randolph Road in Grove Center, Oak Ridge.

  • Lee proposes spending on state’s mentally ill patients

    Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee announced three priorities to increase access to mental health treatment and expand suicide prevention efforts across the state.

    “The mental health of our citizens is foundational to all other goals we seek to accomplish in education, job growth and public safety,” said Lee. “By prioritizing our mental health safety net and suicide prevention, we are caring for more Tennesseans and building healthier communities.”

  • Lee plans to repeal taxes on gym memberships in fiscal year 2020

    Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced his plans to repeal the amusement tax on gym memberships in his upcoming budget.

    “I’m pleased to be able to include a tax cut in my first budget,” said Lee.

    “Repealing the gym tax is an important step in reducing the burdens on small businesses in our state.”

    The nearly 10 percent amusement tax is placed on memberships to gyms, fitness centers and health clubs and disproportionately impacts small business owners.

  • TDEC seeking environmental stewardship nominees

    The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation is inviting Tennesseans to submit nominations for the 2019 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Awards.

    “Being good stewards of our state’s resources is part of what makes Tennessee the beautiful and remarkable place it is,” Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee said.

    “These awards help show that we all can do our part, and I can’t wait to see the potential solutions that individual Tennesseans come up with.”

  • Gov. Lee issues orders on ethics, transparency etc.

    Gov. Bill Lee issued three executive orders to underscore and improve state government’s approach to ethics, transparency and non-discrimination practices.

    “Earlier this week, I signed my first executive order to address issues facing our rural communities, and the three orders I signed today reflect firm expectations for how state government conducts business,” said Lee.

  • Tennessee unveils its vacation guide for 2019

    The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development unveiled its official 2019 Tennessee Vacation Guide Tuesday.

    Designed to inspire travel, the magazine-style guide features 194 pages of Tennessee’s music, scenic beauty, creative spirit, culinary excellence and history and is distributed to nearly 500,000 visitors annually.

    The hand-illustrated cover depicts a quilt with the seven genres of music that call Tennessee home: blues, bluegrass, country, gospel, rockabilly, soul and rock ‘n’ roll.

  • TDEC magazine on 100-percent recycled paper

    The Tennessee Conservationist, a bi-monthly magazine published by The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), will now be published on 100-percent post-consumer recycled paper beginning with its first issue of 2019.

    “We are committed to walking the walk in conservation, and this is an obvious step toward that,” said Heather Lose, editor-in-chief of the publication.

  • Tennessee receives funds to help prevent violent deaths

    The Tennessee Department of Health Office of the State Chief Medical Examiner has received $1.4 million in funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to gather critical data on homicide, suicide and other violent deaths.

    Tennessee is one of 10 states to receive new funding to use the National Violent Death Reporting System, which will provide NVDRS with state-level data on violent deaths from all 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

  • TVA manages waterways in anticipation of rainfall

    Yearly rainfall totals for the TVA region climbed to record levels in 2018.

    By Friday of last week rainfall totals above 65 inches made 2018 the wettest year since 1973 and the wettest since records were kept 129 years ago.

    “For the week before Christmas, rainfall averaged 2 inches in the eastern Valley and 1.4 inches in the western Valley,” said James Everett, senior manager for TVA’s River Forecast Center.