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  • Harriman redevelopment area comes with caveat



    Several blocks of downtown Harriman will be the focal point of a redevelopment effort that may not make everyone happy.

    The Harriman Economic Development Board has recommended the city focus on blocks primarily between Morgan Avenue and Crescent Street along Roane Street.

    Also included is a block bordered by Walden Street, Clinton Avenue and Morgan Avenue.

    The city will be working with the Harriman Housing Authority to put measures in place to begin improving the city’s image.

  • Rockwood revisits bonus issue



    Rockwood city employees are each in line to receive their traditional $125 Christmas bonus.

    Some city officials, however, think the gift should be increased — and they were willing to put that to a vote on Monday.

    “It’s a hard time right now, and it’s a hard time for the council, too,” Rockwood City Council member Bill Thompson said. “I think we can scratch it up.”

  • Property assessor reissues warning



    A deep recession, slumping housing market and an environmental disaster of national proportions.

    In spite of those factors, Roane County Property Assessor Teresa Kirkham said home values have increased in the area surrounding TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant.    

  • Tigers, Devils hit the road


    Roane Newspapers

    The quarterfinal round of the playoffs is here and the good news for Roane County football fans is that both the Harriman Blue Devils and Rockwood Tigers are still alive.

    The bad news is that anyone wanting to see the Blue Devils or Tigers play will have to make a road trip as Harriman will be playing at Grace Christian Academy in Knoxville while Rockwood will make an even longer trip when they head to upper East Tennessee to take on Hampton.

    Harriman (7-4) at

    Grace Christian (10-1)

  • Teflon attorney shakes off scuffle charges



    Call it a string of good luck, or call it being on the right side of the law.

    Whatever it is, attorney Chris Cawood continues to notch legal victories against people who bring charges against him.

    The latest Teflon display came Wednesday during a bench trial for resisting arrest. Special Judge Larry Warner found Cawood not guilty.

    “He listened to the evidence and there just wasn’t anything there to substantiate the charge,” Cawood said.

  • Schrock signs with Tennessee Tech


    Roane Newspapers

    Kingston senior Sam Schrock began playing golf when he was seven years old as a way to hang out with his father, Todd. He didn't know it at the time, but that time with his father was time well spent as all those hours on the tees, fairways and greens have turned into a college education. Schrock signed scholarship papers last week with Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville.

  • Time may be running out on ash spill lawsuits



    Instead of being made “whole” by negotiating a settlement with TVA, some people who felt damaged by the agency because of the fly ash catastrophe chose to seek their reparations through litigation.

    Those who didn’t could be running out of time. The one-year anniversary of the Dec. 22, 2008, disaster is fast approaching.

    “If you have any kind of injury, you’d probably want to file your suit before the year is up,” Harriman attorney Bill Newcomb said.

  • Tigers tame Oneida, 21-14


    Roane Newspapers

    The Denver Broncos have “The Drive”, the Tennessee Titans have the “Music City Miracle”, and now the Rockwood Tigers have “The Comeback”, as John Webb’s squad erased a 14-0 second half deficit with 21 unanswered points to give the Tigers a 21-14 victory at Oneida Friday night in the second round of the TSSAA Class AA playoffs.

  • Man plans to revive home gun sales issue later



    The decision by the Roane County Board of Zoning Appeals to deny a Midtown man a special-use permit to sell firearms out of his home stands.

    The issue may not be over, however.

    Jack Yokley’s Chancery Court complaint to overturn the board’s decision was tossed out at his request.

  • Breaking News Leon Houston returned to jail

    Leon Houston, awaiting his second trial on charges of murder in the slayings of a sheriff's deputy and his friend, was ordered back to jail Thursday morning after he said he was unable to pay for his monitoring bracelet.

    See more as information becomes available, or read the story in Friday's edition of the Roane County News.