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  • Guest Column: Tax hikes easy but harmful

    By Tyler Overstreet

    For Roane County News

    In my opinion, having a conversation about major school construction prior to well-designed academic programming geared toward 2022 and beyond is like putting the cart before the horse in light of REFUSING to first discuss the significant monetary savings to all taxpayers if Roane County (city and county) were to consolidate and merge existing services that are currently duplicated in each township.

  • Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: Founders didn’t trust We the People

    Last week’s resignation of Roane County Schools Director Leah Watkins will no doubt impact our county’s ongoing school debate. But it also offers a useful reminder.

    Unexpected events have often made those who “learn from history” appear foolish.

    Consider, for example, the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor or the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

    Both undermined attempts to learn from more remote past experiences, and gave rise to policies that would previously have been unimaginable.

  • Dixie Youth 7-8 tourney recap

    The Dixie Youth post season kicked off this past weekend.

    The 7-8 year old tournament double elimination tournament at Cherokee Middle School saw the all-star teams from Rockwood, Kingston, Harriman, and Campbell squared off for a berth in the state tournament in Fairview.

    The Kingston All-Stars emerged as champions this past week with a perfect record in the tournament.

    “The boys came out and they were ready,” Kingston Coach Anthony Lane said.

    Kingston 13, Campbell County 0

  • Jackets upend the Bulldogs
  • Out to Lunch: No doubt about it: You’ll go back to The Burgers

    Don and Bonita Fowler of Fowler’s Furniture recently invited my wife Carol and me to go “Out to Lunch” with them in Lenoir City at a new restaurant.

    “It’s called The Burgers, and we’ve really enjoyed eating there,” Don said.

    My first thought was, “How could I write about a place that only served burgers?” That is, until I went online to view a menu.

    On this “Out to Lunch” adventure, none of the six at our table had a burger.

  • Roane State hosts bball play days

    Roane State hosted girls middle school play days earlier in the week. Harriman, Cherokee and Oliver Springs represented Roane County with their presence and their play during the event.

  • Pack joins the Lady Raiders
  • Rockwood leaders set to finalize ‘fine’ budget

    Rockwood City Council will consider final reading of its budget at its meeting at 6 p.m. Monday.

    No tax increase is planned for the $7.2 million budget.

    “I think it will be a fine budget. I think it is great we can go with another budget without a tax increase,” Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller said.

    The city also hopes to continue raising its fund balance, which they estimate will be a beginning fund balance of $1.1 million at the beginning of fiscal year 2018-19.

    Last year’s beginning fund balance was $841,891.

  • Rockwood utilities making plans for 2 downtown facilities

    Rockwood Water, Sewer and Natural Gas heard from local firms anxious to plan out the design of their new facilities.

    The utility is looking at an office complex in downtown where the former Junior’s Restaurant is and a large space not far away on Front Street for warehousing and vehicles.

    “I really don’t think we have a bad choice. I think the top four are well qualified,” said manager Kim Ramsey following the four hours of hearing from leading engineering and architectural firms.

  • Elmore, Watson on regional board

    Amid much praise and a single dissenting voice, the Roane County Commission voted 15-0 on Monday to appoint Charles Elmore to the Regional Library Board.

    “I recommend him highly,” Commissioner Carolyn Granger said.

    Resident Roberta Dennis asked the Commission to consider someone else when she addressed officials on the matter during public comment.

    “It needs to be an experienced person and someone that’s trustworthy,” she said.

    Elmore responded to her accusations.