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  • Harriman takes aim at slumlords

    Harriman may try a new tactic in addressing what officials refer to as slum lords renting out property in disrepair.

    Harriman Treasurer Charles Kerley suggested a policy in which the city would be able to go into the rental property and clear it for habitation before a landlord can rent a piece of property.

    “You can’t go in and charge a fee to re-rent,” Kerley said. “You have to have an inspection fee.”

    Kerley said he thinks it might go a long way toward stopping landlords from renting substandard property.

  • Judge: Leon ‘truly a dangerous person’

    Leon Houston filed a public petition to counter the government’s contention that he posed a threat to the community.

    “Clifford Leon Houston is not a flight risk,” the petition said. “Clifford Leon Houston will be present for any and all court appearances imposed by the court.”

    Defense attorney Mike Whalen introduced the document at Houston’s sentencing hearing on March 4.

    More than 100 names were listed on the petition, which also called for Houston’s release from federal custody.

  • Curl acquitted of rape charge

    The lack of physical evidence linking Glen Curl to the 2008 alleged rape of a Michael Dunn Center client wasn’t lost on defense attorney Bob Vogel.

    “The state didn’t have it, and I thought it was something the jury ought to know,” Vogel said.

    The jury returned a quick not-guilty verdict against Curl Thursday afternoon.

    “I’m very pleased,” Vogel said. “I think it’s a good verdict. I think it’s the right verdict.”

  • Sheriff? Meet the sheriff

    Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton inspects Ridge View Elementary first-grader Kyler Teto’s handcuffs.

    The youngster and his classmate, Conner Slaven, both dressed as the sheriff on Career Dress-Up Day and were rewarded with a visit from the real sheriff.

  • Election 2014: Candidates and potential hopefuls
  • Ash Wednesday service

    Jennifer Watson receives ashes from the Rev. Kara K. Foster at Rockwood First Christian Church’s Ash Wednesday service.

    The service marked the beginning of the six-week Lenten season that culminates with the celebration of Easter.

    Celebrations of Lent include the annual Wednesday services in Harriman United Methodist Church.

    The first service will be at noon March 12 and will be led by Tom Hicks.

    A light luncheon provided by South Harriman Baptist Church will follow.

  • Harriman ponders special events permits to sell beer

    Beer at special events at designated places in Harriman may soon be a reality.

    Previous attempts to have a special event permit allowance have failed due to public outcry.

    A new ordinance, however, is much more specific.

    “We outlined it this time,” said council member J.D. Sampson. “It can’t be sold on the sidewalks. It can’t be sold at the Labor Day festival. We took care to designate certain areas that may be of interest if some groups came in.”

  • Attorney may call names, but he’s still on the case

    Rocky Houston accused his attorney of calling him a “(expletive) idiot” for refusing to take a plea deal on Jan. 28.

    Houston now wants Michael McGovern off the case, but he failed

    to convince U.S. Magistrate C. Clifford Shirley Jr.

    “The defendant’s request for substitution of counsel is denied,” Shirley said in a seven-page order filed on March 4. “The court declines to substitute other appointed counsel for Mr. McGovern.”

  • Fire damages two homes in Harriman area

    Area firefighters were kept busy last week fighting blazes in and around Harriman.

    Multiple agencies responded to a Wednesday house fire that gutted a 1463 Webster Road home.

    Tommy Reed, who lived in the home, paced as firefighters worked to put out the blaze.

    The home is listed as belonging to Jane Reed.

    At press time, no suspected cause of the fire was available.

    Roane County Emergency Management Director Scott Stout confirmed an unidentified firefighter appeared flushed, and his vital signs were checked.

  • Kingston to consider recreational rehabilitation

    Kingston City Council members will vote on resolution this week in support of continued recreational activities within the city’s parks and recreational system.

    The resolution adds momentum to an effort to revitalize the newly acquired Gertrude Porter Park.

    Council last week discussed an effort to obtain a state Local Parks and Recreation Fund grant for the park.

    The park was deeded to the city by Roane County Commission in February.