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  • Suspect in 2017 home invasion, other crimes enters guilty plea

    Jordan Taylor Crabtree decided not to fight the cases he has pending in Roane County Criminal Court.

    The 20-year-old appeared before Judge Jeff Wicks on Tuesday and pleaded guilty in three of them.

    “Is there anything about this agreement that you don’t understand?” Wicks asked.

    “No, sir,” Crabtree responded.

    One of the cases involved a home invasion and robbery from 2017, in which a woman was reportedly struck with a baseball bat and suffered a broken arm.

  • Kingston joins others in legal action on TVA

    The Kingston City Council Tuesday voted unanimously to authorize the engagement of counsel to pursue legal action related to the 2008 ash spill.

    The resolution authorizes legal counsel to file suit as needed against TVA, Jacobs Engineering and or any other responsible party for the damages to the city of Kingston and its citizens.

    Council retired to executive session for more than a half hour of discussion with the city attorney before returning to approve the resolution.

  • Stout steps down as OES director

    Scott Stout will be stepping down as director of the Office of Emergency Services at the end of the month. Roane County Executive Ron Woody informed the County Commission about the move on Monday.

    “This is something that happened the latter part of last week,” Woody told Commission.

    “Scott Stout our OES director, he chose to retire early – wish we all could do that – at the end of the month.”

    When discussing the matter on Wednesday, Woody called it a resignation instead of a retirement.

  • Harriman man admits his guilt in gas station robbery

    A Harriman man is scheduled to be sentenced in March for robbing a gas station in 2017.

    Jamie Eugene Poland appeared before Criminal Court Judge Jeff Wicks on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to one count of robbery, which is a Class C felony.

    Poland reached a plea deal with prosecutors and agreed to a four-year sentence with the manner of service to be determined by Wicks at next year’s sentencing hearing.

    Poland only made off with $70 when he robbed the Rocky Top Market at 102 N. Roane St., Harriman, on April 23, 2017.

  • Follow these fire safety tips

    To decrease the risk of a home fire, the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office reminds consumers that popular holiday decorations, like candles and string lights, can cause tragedy when not used properly.

    From 2013-2017 in Tennessee, candles were reported to have caused 385 residential structure fires, eight civilian deaths, 28 civilian injuries, six firefighter injuries and $13 million in fire loss. Of those 41 percent of candle fires started in bedrooms and candles starting fires were too close to combustibles 46 percent of the time.

  • Earthquake shakes up area

    By Richard Evans

    Some Roane County residents felt the earth move under their feet early Wednesday — and it was not their imagination.

    The National Geological Survey reported a 4.4 magnitude earthquake took place near Decatur shortly after 4 a.m. Several aftershocks measuring 3.3, 1.4, and 1.3 were also recorded, with the final aftershock coming nearly an hour and a half after the earthquake.

  • Buckingham enters plea in plot to kill her child’s father

    The state got what it wanted in the Laura Buckingham murder-for-hire case without having to go to trial.

    The ex-Marine turned baker pleaded guilty as charged in Roane County Criminal Court on Tuesday.

    “You realize by pleading guilty here today you will not have a trial in this case,” Criminal Court Judge Jeff Wicks asked.

    “Yes, your honor,” she responded.

    Buckingham, 32, was charged with solicitation to commit first-degree murder in 2016.

  • Jacobs asking for new trial

    Erroneous. That’s how attorneys for Jacobs Engineering Group describe the verdict a federal jury returned against the company last month.

    “The verdict form proposed by plaintiffs and adopted by the court in the Phase I trial in this bifurcated action is legally defective,” Jacobs said in a motion for a new trial.

  • County delays discussion on Roane Academy

    The Roane County Commission deferred two resolutions on Roane Academy during Monday’s regular meeting at the courthouse.

    “I’m doing this to encourage state officials to come in here because really they’re ultimately the ones who regulate this,” Commissioner Darryl Meadows said.

    Meadows made the motion to defer the resolutions for 60 days. It passed unanimously.