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  • County approves plans for Midway, OS schools

    The Roane County Commission took some action on the Board of Education’s building program Monday.

    It approved two of the projects over the objections of school officials.

    “We did not vote to send just the Midway and Oliver Springs project to you,” School Board Chairman Nadine Jackson told the Commission.

  • Kingston’s first female mayor dies in Nashville

    Ruby Luckey Fielden, a long- time fixture on the Kingston political scene, passed away last month at 94.

    Known to most as Ruby Luckey, she distinguished herself as the first woman mayor of Kingston.

    She served on Kingston City Council as well.

    She was also known for her involvement in many other civic projects including senior housing, walking trails and the World’s Fair Committee.

    “We were close friends from the first time I met her,” said Gerald Largen, former County Executive and columnist for the Roane County News.


    More than three dozen people are expected to testify during the ash spill worker trial. It looks like former TVA executive Anda Ray won’t be one of them.

    U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Guyton quashed her subpoena.

    Ray’s attorney, Ronald T. Hill, filed the motion to quash last week.

    Guyton announced his ruling after listening to arguments on the issue Monday.

  • Kingston police investigate robbery at KenJo gas station on Gallaher

    Kingston police responded to a report of a robbery at the KenJo gas station on Gallaher Road last week.

    The store clerk told police the suspect took cash from a drawer.

    “Nobody was hurt,” Kingston Police Department Sgt. Roy Montgomery said.

    According to the report, Kingston Police Officers Brent Barger and Dustin Arnold responded to the gas station around 1 a.m. on Oct. 12 after being notified by dispatch.

  • Man injured in crash still at hospital

    One of the people involved in a head-on crash last week was still in the hospital.

    The crash happened on Gallaher Road.

    Kingston Police Department Sgt. Roy Montgomery said Wayne Redman was traveling toward Oak Ridge around 7:30 a.m. on Oct. 9 in a Toyota pickup truck when he was hit head-on by Calvin Goldberg. Montgomery said Goldberg was driving a white Ford van.

    “Goldberg stated to me that he fell asleep at the wheel, crossed over four lanes of traffic and hit Mr. Redman head-on,” Montgomery said.

  • Miller takes no stance on metro

    Rockwood Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller said he hasn’t taken a position on an effort to explore metro government.

    The Roane County Commission’s Budget Committee recommended a resolution to the full Commission that called for creating an exploratory committee to study municipal consolidation.

    The Commission met Monday and passed the resolution.

    “I’ve not even considered that,” Miller said.

  • Witness lists set in ash worker trial

    Both sides in the upcoming ash spill worker trial have submitted the names of witnesses they expect to call. One of the names on the list for the plaintiffs is Roane County Commission Chairman Randy Ellis.

    “Whatever is asked of me I will be truthful,” Ellis said last week.

    The litigation stems from the cleanup of the ash spill, which occurred at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant. On Dec. 22, 2008, an early morning dike failure resulted in the release of more than 5 million cubic yards of fly ash.

  • Lurking turkeys
  • Metro chatter returns

    The county may take another look at metro government.

    “During the election process, I had a number of people say you know we need to shake the dust off of this thing and try it again,” Roane County Executive Ron Woody said.

    He presented the County Commission’s Budget Committee with a resolution that calls for creating an exploratory committee to study municipal consolidation. The committee passed it unanimously.

    “I may not vote for it again, but I think it at least needs to be studied,” Commissioner Mike Hooks said.