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  • Don’t try to pass this gun toting scooter rider

    A man on a scooter reportedly pulled a firearm on a motorist last week.

    The alleged perpetrator, identified as 66-year-old Ronald Gerald Reese, is charged with aggravated assault.

    According to the report, Roane County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Daniel Jeffries was dispatched to 104 Indian Shadows Drive on a report of man blocking the roadway with his scooter.

    Jeffries spoke with Lendon Hart when he arrived.

    “Mr. Hart stated that he was dropping off a piece of equipment at a job site,” the report said.

  • TVA takes over maintenance at Swan Pond Complex

    TVA is taking over maintenance of the Swan Pond Sports Complex.

    “The complex is currently not being maintained, and is reaching a state where it will become increasingly difficult to return the complex to its original condition without significant time and expense,” the agency said in a statement Wednesday. “This is especially true for the turf on the athletic fields.”

    Roane County operates the sports complex on TVA land. It was one of the areas restored following the fly ash spill at the Kingston Fossil Plant.

  • Watch the birdie
  • Roane a Second Amendment ‘sanctuary city’

    The Roane County Commission took a stand on the Second Amendment this month by passing a resolution declaring Roane County a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County.”

    “We got some states and cities that are a little sideways right now,” Commissioner Junior Hendrickson said.

    “They’re putting in sanctuary cities for criminals and the illegals. I think it’s time that we take a stand like a lot of the counties across this state.”

    The resolution passed unanimously.

  • RPD officer hit in groin

    A Rockwood police officer said he was kicked in the groin trying to arrest a man accused of assault last week.

    The suspect, David A. Flinn, is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of simple assault and resisting arrest.

    According to the report, Officer Rick Thomas responded to 603 Crestview Lane last Thursday to investigate a neighbor dispute.

  • Bugging out ends court day

    Roane County General Sessions Court was canceled Tuesday morning because of bedbugs.

    “That is a first in my years as an assistant DA (district attorney) or as judge,” Sessions Judge Dennis Humphrey said.

    Humphrey and fellow Sessions Judge Terry Stevens made the decision to cancel court after learning a man infested with bedbugs entered the courtrooms.

    “It was relayed to me that someone contaminated with bedbugs came through security downstairs and came upstairs,” Humphrey said.

  • Rockwood budget has no tax increase

    By Richard Evans

    The fiscal year 2019-2020 Rockwood budget will feature no tax increase.

    City council approved the first reading of the budget Monday night.

    The tax rate will remain at $1 per $100 of assessed property value in the city.

    Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller expressed his pleasure in being able to deliver another budget without a tax increase.

  • Bear sightings in Roane are no need to fret, biologist says

    By Joel Zacry

    Special to Roane County News

    Having spent 40 seasons in the black bear habitat of Great Smoky Mountains National Park educating participants through the University of Tennessee and National Park Service Smoky Mountain Field School, and having led small travel groups to Alaska for over 25 years with his wife, Kathy, Joel Zachry has a few words about encountering bears – leave them alone!

  • Bear decides to skip town

    A black bear was sighted in Kingston last week, but all indications are that the bear has left town.

    Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam said he was notified of the sighting Friday near Scandlyn Lumber. By the time he found the bear it was near Bettis Lane and Terrace Drive.

    Later that afternoon the bear was spotted in Midtown near Patterson’s Appliance. There have been no reports since that time, he said.