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  • Heritage Commission Gala 2019
  • SRO bill could mean more in Roane schools

    A bill to increase the number of school resource officers might not be as good as it appears, according to Interim Roane County Director of Schools Gary Aytes.

    The bill passed in the Tennessee General Assembly earlier this month.

    “What I’m afraid of is that bill will be like all state bills that pass,” Aytes said during last week’s Board of Education meeting at Roane County High School.

  • Roane looks at Roane Academy lawsuit, action

    The Roane County Commission continues to delay action on two resolutions that deal with Roane Academy.

    “I’m doing this to encourage state officials to come in here because really they’re ultimately the ones who regulate this,” Commissioner Darryl Meadows said in December.

    One resolution on the agenda called for County Attorney Greg Leffew to explore legal action against the current operator of Roane Academy – Youth Opportunity Investments.

  • Neighbor wants ‘nightmare’ to end, Kingston Academy to stay closed

    Roane county’s codes enforcement office is seeking some legal guidance on Kingston Academy.

    “The codes enforcement office asked me for an opinion, which I have not started on yet,” County Attorney Greg Leffew said during’s last week’s Roane County Commission meeting.

    “The issue as I understand it at this point was Kingston Academy grandfathered in under our zoning ordinance because the use existed prior to the county adopted zoning.”

  • Margrave Drive work should address speeding concerns

    By Richard Evans

    The wheels of progress sometimes move slowly as evidenced by the effort to improve conditions and slow down speeders on Margrave Drive.

    “We have done targeted enforcement of speed control on Margrave and I haven’t gotten any complaints in recent months. However, the paving of the street will incorporate items to address speeding,” said Harriman City Manager Kevin Helms.

  • Roane retires Roddy’s number

    Carolyn Bush Roddy’s jersey was retired during Thursday’s Roane County Board of Education meeting. The meeting was held at Roddy’s alma mater, Roane County High School.

    “This is such an honor,” Roddy said. “This is such an honor. I thank each and everyone of you. You don’t know what this means to me.”

    Roddy has been racking up the honors this year. She was selected to the 2019 Class of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in February.

  • Harriman to amend beer code to match state rules

    By Richard Evans

    In a meeting earlier this month, Harriman City Council approved first reading of an updated ordinance concerning permits for the sale of beer at special events.

    The proposed ordinance states, “An application for a special events permit to sell beer, or any other beverage with an alcoholic content not exceeding eight percent by weight, except wine as defined by Tennessee Code Annotated 57-3-101.”

    Under the existing ordinance, the alcoholic content is not to exceed five percent.


    Laura Ann Buckingham had a question for the hitman she met with in 2016 to arrange the killing of her son’s father.

    “You sure you’re not a cop,” she asked.

    Unbeknownst to her, the hitman was actually an undercover TBI agent. After arranging and paying for the hit, Buckingham was arrested and later charged with solicitation to commit first-degree murder.

    She reached a plea deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to the charge in December.

    Criminal Court Judge Jeff Wicks sentenced Buckingham on Thursday.

  • Suspect gets tased

    A Rockwood police officer used his Taser on a domestic violence suspect hiding in an attic.

    According to the report, Officer Chris Kennedy deployed the device because Donald Henry Cannon didn’t comply with his commands.

    The incident happened at 110 Derrick St. earlier this month. Kennedy and Sgt. Dwayne Gray responded to the residence to investigate a domestic incident. They knocked on the door and no one answered.

    The alleged victim, Christy Underwood, had reportedly left to get away from Cannon, but returned after police arrived.

  • Splash pad stalls for Harriman

    By Richard Evans

    There is no timetable for the construction of a splash pad for the city of Harriman.

    “The state has requested a number of different documents from us. We’ve been sending those back as they request them,” said City Manager Kevin Helms in an update to Harriman City Council last Tuesday.

    “We’re still not sure what the timetable is for getting a contract on that but as soon as they ask for a document we’re sending in to them, trying to move it along as quickly as possible.”