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  • Rockwood gets new station
  • Radioactive materials training facility to be given state funds

    Last minute amendments to the state budget will include funding for a radioactive materials training facility in Roane County, according to state Sen. Ken Yager (R-Kingston).

    The appropriations amendments and Senate Bill 1351 are pending action in the Senate and House Finance, Ways and Means Committees.

    “Roane County does very well,” Yager said.

  • OS, Midway to get school upgrades

    The Oliver Springs and Midway parts of the school building program are moving forward.

    The Roane County Commission approved the funding last year. The bonds are scheduled to be bid today – Wednesday, according to Roane County Executive Ron Woody.

    “Wednesday at 10:30, we’ll bid them out,” he said.

    The building program calls for a new sewer plant for the Midway area schools and incorporating Oliver Springs High School in with Oliver Springs Middle School. The projects are estimated to cost around $6.4 million.

  • Kingston woman injured in fire

    From staff reports

    The Kingston Fire Department responded to a call early Monday morning in which a woman suffered serious burns.

    Kingston Fire Chief Willie Gordon said his department responded to a call at a West Race Street residence at 3:16 a.m. Monday. He said the resident had been smoking in bed while using oxygen.

    The cigarette apparently ignited the oxygen causing the woman to suffer serious burns to her head and face.

  • Brown up for parole for striking officer

    The man who ran over a Kingston police officer is up for parole.

    Henry Nicholas Brown, 34, is scheduled to have a parole hearing at the West Tennessee State Penitentiary in Henning on April 23.

    Brown was driving a truck that was pulling a car hauler trailer when he was stopped by then Kingston Police Department Sgt. Jerry Singleton on Aug. 6, 2017.

    Singleton’s body camera captured what happened next.

    “How you doing, sir?” Singleton asked when he approached Brown. “You OK?”

  • Heritage Commission Gala 2019
  • SRO bill could mean more in Roane schools

    A bill to increase the number of school resource officers might not be as good as it appears, according to Interim Roane County Director of Schools Gary Aytes.

    The bill passed in the Tennessee General Assembly earlier this month.

    “What I’m afraid of is that bill will be like all state bills that pass,” Aytes said during last week’s Board of Education meeting at Roane County High School.

  • Roane looks at Roane Academy lawsuit, action

    The Roane County Commission continues to delay action on two resolutions that deal with Roane Academy.

    “I’m doing this to encourage state officials to come in here because really they’re ultimately the ones who regulate this,” Commissioner Darryl Meadows said in December.

    One resolution on the agenda called for County Attorney Greg Leffew to explore legal action against the current operator of Roane Academy – Youth Opportunity Investments.

  • Neighbor wants ‘nightmare’ to end, Kingston Academy to stay closed

    Roane county’s codes enforcement office is seeking some legal guidance on Kingston Academy.

    “The codes enforcement office asked me for an opinion, which I have not started on yet,” County Attorney Greg Leffew said during’s last week’s Roane County Commission meeting.

    “The issue as I understand it at this point was Kingston Academy grandfathered in under our zoning ordinance because the use existed prior to the county adopted zoning.”