Today's News

  • Truck driver shortage affecting business

    While traversing the nation’s highways, drivers may not realize they are in the company of people who help keep the country’s economy flowing smoothly.

    The various trucks seen on the roadway are crucial economic components, as are the drivers.

    As vital as they are, truck drivers are now in short supply, with some citing an aging workforce, high turnover rates, increased freight demand, and “lifestyle priorities” that can make other industries seem more attractive to would-be drivers.

  • Board falls for McFall

    The Roane County Board of Education selected Coffee County Director of Schools LaDonna McFall to be the next director of schools for Roane County.

    She was picked by a 6-4 margin Wednesday night over Limestone County, Ala., Superintendent Thomas Sisk.

    “I thought we had two good candidates and I think she’ll do a good job,” Board Member Vic King said.

    Rob Jago, Mike “Brillo” Miller, Larry Brackett, Danny Wright, Hugh Johnson and Mike Taylor voted for McFall.


    A series of coincidences and a few good people turned a sad story about a lost wedding ring into an inspirational story with a happy ending.

    It all started when Janet Bruce arrived from New Hampshire to visit with friends in Harriman. After a cold New England winter she was enjoying the spring-like weather conditions in East Tennessee.

    On the day before she was to return to New Hampshire Bruce decided to take a walk around Roane County Park.

  • Wilson’s federal child porn case still pending

    The federal case against an alleged child pornographer is still pending.

    David Tyler Wilson of Oliver Springs was scheduled to stand trial on Feb. 27, but the trial got postponed after his attorney filed a motion to continue.

    The new trial date is May 7.

    Wilson, 24, is charged in federal court with two counts of production of child pornography, distribution of child pornography and possession of child pornography.

  • Broadband group continues push for Roane expansion

    By Richard Evans

    Roane County Citizens for Broadband, a community organization that has helped lead the fight for broadband internet, is transitioning into a new organization called ROANEnet.

    ROANEnet is in the process of becoming a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. The purpose of the group will be to apply for grants and seek donations to help not only bring high speed internet access to the area, but perhaps even help educate people on how to use it once it is delivered.

  • Pemberton new Rockwood judge

    By Richard Evans

    The Rockwood City Council approved the appointment of Dana Scott Pemberton as city judge at their meeting last month.

    Pemberton will fill out the remainder of the term of the late Judge James “Jim” Smith, who passed away unexpectedly in March. The term ends on Nov. 30, 2022.

    “We knew we had to get someone in place with the credentials to get it done,” said Rockwood Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller.

  • Norwood Elementary pair serve as state senate pages for Sen. Yager

    Norwood Elementary School students, Alison Brown and Paisley Davis served as pages for the Tennessee State Senate last week.

    Both students live in Roane County, and are pictured with State Sen. Ken Yager (R-Kingston), who represents Roane County.

    Page duties consist of anything from making copies, running errands, to distributing legislative information to members of the General Assembly.

    They report to the Chief Clerk of House and Senate.

  • Clayton recognized for his debut self-published novel

    Roane County resident and novelist John Ford Clayton has been named among the finalists for The Montaigne Medal in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards for his debut novel Manipulated.

     A prestigious international award that honors the memory of American philosopher Eric Hoffer, The Eric Hoffer Book Award has become one of the largest and most sought-after awards for small, academic and independently-published titles. 

    Presented annually, the Eric Hoffer Book Award was designed to highlight salient writing and celebrate the spirit of independent presses

  • Going With the Flo: Kind people always help us along our way

    By Flo Charles

    How long has it been since you had an experience or several experiences that baffled you and you spent too much time trying to figure out why it happened or what you can do about it?

    That happened to me recently. I planned to drive my friend to Nashville to the Tennessee Republican Women’s Day on the Hill on Monday.

    The week before, I had mentioned it to my son, Danny. He looked at my tires and said, “Mama, you can’t drive that car to Nashville, your tires are too bad.”

  • A View From Lick Skillet: Why does Donald John love Vladimir so much?

    Gentle reader, have you noticed that our friends who have adopted Donald John as their hero, seem to have jettisoned all of their common sense and logical reasoning power?