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  • Riversharks taking a bow (wow!)to help Fort Paws

    Outdoor Kingston will be hosting a concert this month featuring The Riversharks with the opening act by Joey Pierce.

    The concert to benefit the Fort Paws Dog Park project will begin at 6 p.m. May 19 in Roane State Community College’s O’Brien Theatre.

    Tickets are on sale at area businesses, including Bet’s Pets, Dogs Inn, Enrichment Federal Credit Union of Kingston and Midtown, Everly Blu, Griffin and Davis Law Firm, Rocky Top Markets, SailAway Realty, and Zoomerz Markets.

    Tickets for the concert are $15 each.

  • On your mark. Ready. Set. GO!
  • City looks to slow down park speeders

    A new safety feature may soon find its way to Harriman’s David Webb Riverfront Park.

    “We have got to get some speed bumps at Riverfront,” Harriman City Councilman Tim Johnson said.

    “They are flying through there.”

    Johnson believes some vehicles reach speeds of 30-40 mph on the small road that meanders through the park past the playground and picnic areas.

    He asked police to run radar in the park on occasion.

  • School group revisiting ‘balanced calendar’

    Discussions on what is referred to as a “balanced calendar” have continued in the Roane County school system.

    The topic was brought up during an Educational Committee meeting last month, according to notes filed from the meeting.

    “The committee got back together to look at a balanced calendar option for 2020-2021 school year,” the notes said.

    A “balanced calendar” includes longer fall and spring breaks.

  • Rockwood man tells police wife drove over his foot

    A Rockwood man told police his wife drove over his foot when he went to confront her about being on a suspicious cell phone.

    Officer Kendall Mitchell responded to the incident. According to the report, he was dispatched to 415 S. Chamberlain Ave., on April 30 around 8 p.m. to investigate a call about a man having trouble with his wife.

    Mitchell said he spoke with Scott Staggs when he arrived.

  • Woman accused of dog cruelty issues spitting threat, jailed on meth charge

    Rockwood police responded to the IGA grocery store on Thursday to investigate a report about a woman being cruel to a dog in the parking lot.

    “K-9 Officer (Charles) Haubrich and myself (Officer Chris Kennedy) arrived and we made contact with the female identified as Ms. Patricia Oran,” the report said. “While officers were speaking with Patricia about her dog that was in her van they did notice that she appeared to be under the influence of some type of narcotic.”

    The report said Oran told police she had taken Xanax.

  • Miller: School plan cheaper than 5

    The debate over the school building program continues to plow familiar ground as county leaders wrestle with what could be the biggest financial decision in the county’s history.

    During a meeting held at Roane County High School Thursday, members of the Board of Education and County Commission continued an attempt to convince skeptical commissioners to provide funding for the proposed $68 million school building program.

    The plan involves consolidating high schools in Harriman, Kingston and Rockwood into a new building near Roane State Community College.

  • Flower power