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  • Mason holds on to Harriman mayor's post; four newcomers elected in Rockwood

    Harriman voters decided that four years of Chris Mason leading the city were not enough as they re-elected him to a second term on Tuesday.

    Mason took a commanding 61-percent lead over contender Wayne Best early in the race and held onto it as precincts reported in Tuesday night. Unofficial election tallies show Mason's victory at 651 over Best's 425, giving the incumbent mayor 60.5 percent of the votes.

  • General Sessions Court

    Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as, or similar to, other members of the community.

    Edwin E. Irizarry, speeding Dec. 18. Dismissed Feb. 25, cost to defendant. Violation of driver license and financial responsibility Dec. 18. Dismissed, cost to state.

    Denton M. Lesslie, registration law Dec. 18. Dismissed Feb. 25, cost to state.

    Ashleigh J. Ivins, speeding Dec. 26. Dismissed Feb. 25, cost to defendant. Financial registration Dec. 26. Dismissed, cost to state.

  • Property Transfers

    Property deed transfers in Roane County from April 20-26:

    From Julia Maxine Payne to Julia Maxine Payne and Marion Lucille Platt by quit-claim deed, Dist. 5, Abels Valley Road, $50.

    From Rhonda C. Swallows to Richard D. Brooksbank and Donna T. Brooksbank by warranty deed, Dist. 3, Edgewater Estates, Lot PT31, $450,000.

    From Samuel J. Furrow to Clarence O. Myers and Judy W. Myers by warranty deed, Dist. 4, 1.108 acres, State Hwy. 72, $20,000.

  • Former Harriman leader Stout dies

    One of Harriman’s most vocal and memorable former leaders in recent years lost her lengthy battle with cancer on Thursday evening.

    Sandra Stout, 62, a Harriman City Council member for years, served on various boards and often took a tough look at community issues and was particularly opinionated on the Harriman Utility Board’s rates, often butting heads with other former officials.

  • Airport head to get 10% pay hike; city workers 3%

    Rockwood officials approved a 3-percent across-the-board pay raise for city employees upon first reading of the 2011-12 budget last month.

    The proposed increase in pay comes without an increase in the city’s property-tax rate of 75 cents per $100 valuation.

    Also up for a raise — one of 10 percent — is Rockwood Municipal Airport manager Danny Collins. A contractor with the city, the raise will up his take-home pay to $35,000 a year.

  • No shirt, no shoes ... no court? Judge enforcing dress code

    Those with a court date before Roane County General Sessions Court Judge Jeff Wicks will soon have to consider what they are wearing more carefully.

    Starting July 1, Wicks’ courtroom will have a dress code, something the judge said is an unfortunate result of a few inappropriately attired people.

    “This is something that has been brewing for the last couple of years, at least,” he said. “[Like in] so many cases, the actions of a few require rules to be created that affect everyone.”

  • Getaway from the heat

    Harriman resident Mike Burger sets sail on his Hobie Cat Getaway in Watts Bar Lake.

    He’s among the East Tennesseans who have sought refuge from the late spring heat wave on the water.

    The area’s waterways, pools and splash pads will continue to get a workout: forecasters are predicting temperatures in the 90s until Friday, with few chances of rain.

    But be careful out there: air-quality alerts were issued over the weekend.

  • Kindergarten — the new frontier

    Addison Berrier, Anna Givens, Nicholas Moog, Ayden Newton, Preston Schisler and Brandon Turnbill prepare to walk down the aisle and toward their future — kindergarten — during their graduation from Rockwood First Christian Church’s Mother’s Day Out program.

  • Tea Party candidate wants to represent all in Rockwood

    A candidate for Rockwood City Council is also a member of the Roane County Tea Party.

    If elected on Tuesday, Ron Harwell insists he won’t just be serving the interests of those in the city who share his Tea Party views.

    “The Tea Party is about being conservative,” he said. “There’s conservative Democrats, just like there’s conservative Republicans, and our party is open to all conservatives, not just the Republican Party.”

  • Neighbor: Bra-clad man broke in with knife

    A Kingston man chose some unusual attire for an alleged break-in on Gallaher Road.  

    “Victim ... stated that the neighbor, Brian Fowler, had busted her door in and came in with a knife and was wearing a bra and shorts,” the police report said.

    Fowler, 46, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

    The report said there was signs of forced entry on the door and door frame. The report also said a lock had been broken off the door.