Today's News

  • Generous donor is a real doll herself

    Adraona Green, 46, of Harriman, loves dolls.

    Green had recently donated the bulk of her huge doll collection to Mission of Hope in Knoxville.

    While cleaning up the estate after her husband died, Green’s mother, Judy Freels, suggested Green donate approximately 200 to 250 dolls and stuffed animals to “somebody that can enjoy them.” Freels’ cousin suggested the Mission of Hope.

    The donations filled the back of a pickup truck and a car.

  • Jackets, Devils look to build off dramatic finishes

    Weather delays and fantastic finishes were the highlights of last week's opening to the 2011 football season.

    All five teams will be in action again this week, and most fans, coaches and players are hoping this Friday's games will be just as exciting without the weather delays.

    The big game in Roane County this week will feature the two teams that picked up victories in dramatic fashion last week as Kingston hosts Harriman.

    Midway, Rockwood and Oliver Springs will also be in action this week and all three will be searching for their first win.

  • TVAA kicks off 2011 season

    Kingston, Harriman, and Rockwood have endured many changes in the past five years in the world of little league football and this year isn't any different.
    During the off season Rockwood Rams director Glen Cofer was determined to form a new league with all five county teams involved. Cofer succeeded in bringing Midway and Oliver Springs back into the fold plus got a bonus with Rhea County and Oak Ridge joining the league, although Oak Ridge will not participate in the playoffs this season.
    The new league will now be called the Tennessee Valley Athletic Association (TVAA).

  • HHS season tickets on sale

    Harriman High School football season tickets will go on sale beginning Friday morning at the high school.
    Tickets cost $25 each.
    For more information, call Harriman High School at 882-1821.

  • Dykes, Mason on the run after Goose's goof

    In his five years as Harriman’s mayor, Chris Mason has done a lot of good for the residents of the city.

    He has worked hard to revitalize downtown Harriman and make city government work more efficiently. He has also worked hard in changing how other people view Harriman.

    However, all of Mason’s hard work might have gone up in smoke with one word that appeared in the Wednesday’s edition of the Roane County News. That word was KINGSTON as Mason picked the Yellow Jackets in Goose’s Gurus to defeat the Blue Devils in Friday’s match-up between the two bitter county rivals.

  • Progress made in fight against drugs

    Authorities have made headway into an investigation involving drugs, car burglaries and a multi-state identity theft ring.

    According to the District Attorney General’s Office, police from several different agencies simultaneously executed two search warrants in Rockwood last Thursday.

    Numerous items were seized including drugs, firearms, cash and evidence related to the identity theft investigation.

  • Train repair center proposal derailed

    An industry that hoped to bring 75 jobs to Rockwood will have to look elsewhere.

    The second reading of an ordinance to rezone unused commercial property next to the Mike “Brillo” Miller Sports Complex failed before the Rockwood City Council.

    LocoDocs Inc. of Illinois needed the rezoning of the city-owned property it  was interested in purchasing.

    Without the rezoning, the resolution to sell the approximately 6 acres of city-owned land to join with some of the privately owned property was moot.

  • Midtown man dies on lake

    Family members said a Midtown man died from a heart attack after he got out of his boat to cool off.
    Randy Bardill passed away on Saturday.

    His sister, Debbie Standefer, said they got in the water near Sand Island in Meigs County to get some relief from the hot sun.

    “We were just laughing and talking,” she said. “Then I noticed that we had drifted a little ways from the boat.”

    Standefer said that’s when she suggested they head back to the vessel.

  • Harriman budget still being tweaked

    Harriman city government spent more than they took in last fiscal year.

    Harriman Treasurer Charles Kerley said the city ended the year spending $233,312 more than was brought in in revenue last fiscal year.

    Harriman City Council has yet to approve a first or second reading of fiscal year 2012 budget.

    Part of their discussions this month include how the past year has closed out.

    Kerley said the city had to dip into its fund balance during budget talks for the current fiscal year.

  • Rockwood man charged with rape

    A Rockwood man is accused of raping a woman in Oak Ridge.

    Edward Eugene Chatman is charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping and reckless endangerment.

    He was arrested by Oak Ridge police on Sunday.

    Chatman was in the Anderson County Jail on bonds totaling $250,000.

    Oak Ridge Police Capt. Rick Stone said Chatman had a baby with him when he committed the alleged crimes.