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  • Going With the Flo: Remember the heroes who died at Normandy

    By Flo Charles

    If you didn’t hear President Trump’s speech at Normandy on Thursday, June 6, it’s a must!

    Watching President Trump hug the survivors who were there and their tears of gratitude touched my heart!

    I felt a need to share some information for those who don’t know how we got to where we are, nor the sacrifices made for us. We must never let succeeding generations forget those who fought and died for freedom.

  • A View From Lick Skillet: Board right to worry about state voucher plan
  • South Gate Masonic Lodge holds car show

    South Gate Masonic Lodge 569, at 1306 Ruritan Road, Harriman, will hold its Sunrise Car and Motorcycle Show beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday, June 15.

    Entry deadline is 10 a.m. Trophies will be awarded for the top 20 cars and top three motorcycles.

    All you can eat breakfast will be $7, and proceeds go to the lodge’s community service projects. For more information, call Melvin Marlow at 680-3404 or Terry Ward at 604-8969.

  • Green Wave set for football cookout

    The Midway Green Wave football team is hosting a cookout Thursday evening at the Midway High School football field.
    Start time for the event is at 7 pm.
    The event is open to players and parents as well as Midway High School students and their parents interested in coming out and meeting new head coach Ron Treadway as well as joining the team.
    Eveyone is encouraged to attend and everyone is welcome.

  • That’s no whale, that’s a catfish

    Mike Pennington recently caught a spoonbill catfish that weighed 30 pounds. He and his fishing partner, Jackie McBride, were fishing at Caney Creek when he landed the fish.

  • Midway names new football coach

    The Midway Green Wave have named Ron Treadway as the new football head coach and with summer practices just around the corner, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

    After meeting with the coaching staff at Midway earlier and then with the team Monday evening, Treadway set the groundwork for what he wants to do as the coach as well as get a feel for the expectations.

  • Wading Through the Numbers: Why do we have to have tax increases?

    By Ron Woody

    Most everyone complains about a tax increase whether it be property tax, sales tax, income tax, or any other form of taxation. People also complain about the lack of, or poor service they receive from their government agencies.

    Is there waste in our government? The answer is yes. Is there waste in your household or business budget? I would say yes.

    I’m not writing this article to advocate a tax increase, but I’m writing to help explain in a broad aspect why some of our taxes and even fees for services increase.

  • Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: Looking at the past, reflection on now


    Last week’s 75th anniversary of D-Day spurred a flurry of reflections from journalists, politicians, and historians. Collectively that commentary affirms that history as “the remembered past” is more important than often assumed.

    If you missed or have forgotten my recent reflections on this topic, I believe how one views the past mirrors one’s present.

    In other words, historical memory reflects one’s values and priorities at that moment in time.

  • How to qualify for TennCare’s CHOICES program

    In Tennessee, around 20 percent of people receive their health insurance through TennCare, the state Medicaid plan — about 1.3 million people in all.

    There are several aspects to TennCare, but one part is the CHOICES program (short for CHOICES in Long-Term Services and Supports), designed both for people in need of nursing home care and people who can’t afford the cost of an assisted living facility or nursing home, but need help remaining in their own homes. Given its purpose, most of the people served by CHOICES are seniors.

  • Roane County Commission gives nod to $23 million jail expansion

    Despite some passionate opposition, the Roane County Commission voted 9-5 on Monday to move forward on a jail expansion project.

    The estimated price tag is $23 million – $22 million for the jail and $1 million for relocation and construction of a building and codes office.

    The codes office is currently located on a lot adjacent to the jail, but the property will be needed for the expansion.