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  • Five things to consider before taking on school consolidation plan

    Five things to consider regarding the Roane County Board of Education high school consolidation plan:

    1) Where is the research data that supports the proposed consolidation strategy (K-14) improving educational outcomes for Roane County students?

  • Going With the Flo: Clarence’s dream lives on, through kids and his farm

    My stones of Remembrance this Memorial Day: My husband’s dream — a family farm and four children. Clarence and I agreed that I should work through the summer for the FBI, since I had just been cleared and he would return to the canning factory in Illinois and work for college money. We would return in the fall to Tennessee Tech, continue our education and be married.

    I left for Washington, D.C., the morning after graduating from Harriman High.

  • A View From Lick Skillet: Roane County High out ranks 237 other schools

    Gentle reader, we did not intend to devote this week’s column to the Mega-school issue, but an aspect of this matter has recently come to our attention which we feel compelled to bring to your attention as well, as it has implications of a very serious nature bearing on the status of the School Board, the County Commission, the Roane Alliance, and most important of all, of Roane County High School.

  • Man accused of assault and kidnapping

    A Harriman man is accused of assaulting a woman and forcing her to remain at a home against her will.

    James Wampler, 36, was arrested when police served a search warrant on May 23 at the Roberts Street residence where the incident is believed to have occurred.

    “He used a weapon. That is the reason for the search warrant was to recover the weapon,” said Police Chief Kenneth Humphrey. “The weapon was a blunt object.

    Wampler is charged with aggravated domestic assault and aggravated kidnapping.

  • Staying COOL in the POOL
  • Former Roane man on the run

    Steven Joshua Wiggins, the man wanted in connection with the shooting death of a sergeant with the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office, has ties to Roane County.

    Harriman resident Sara Pierce said she and Wiggins were classmates at the old Central Intermediate School in Harriman.

    “He kicked a teacher and was expelled for that,” Pierce said. “I didn’t see him again after that because he didn’t stay in the school system.”

  • Woman lies to duck nonexistent warrant

    A woman’s alleged attempt at deception didn’t end well last week. Instead of being allowed to go on her way, Angela Schweitzer was taken to jail.

    Schweitzer was a passenger in a Toyota that Rockwood Police Officer Randy Heidle stopped because he thought the driver was waving at him to talk.

    “When I approached the vehicle, the driver, Jordan Hickey, stated to me she was not needing me,” the report said. “She was just using her hands to explain an attack that had happened to her in the past.”

  • OSHS OK’d for block scheduling

    Oliver Springs High School is looking to join Midway Elementary School in receiving a Tennessee STEM School designation.

    “That’s our goal,” Oliver Springs High School Principal Justin Nivens told the Roane County Board of Education earlier this month.

    Nivens said OSHS will need some help in achieving that designation and asked the school board to allow his school to go to block scheduling.

  • Police seize $10,000 worth of drugs

    The Harriman Police Department arrested four individuals and made a major drug seizure over the Memorial Day weekend.

    Harriman police seized about $10,000 in drugs in addition to money, a vehicle and guns in one of the department’s largest narcotics cases involving the sale and distribution of methamphetamine.

    “We can’t remember that much methamphetamine in several years,” said Acting Police Chief Kenny Humphrey.