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  • Harriman falls at state, 49-44


    Roane Newspapers

    Harriman's first trip to the TSSAA State Tournament in 15 years ended in disappointment Wednesday afternoon as the Blue Devils dropped a 49-44 decision to Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences (CSAS).

    Two things cost the Blue Devils (21-11) dearly in the loss. First was the final 3:10 of the first half in which the Patriots (28-7) closed the first half on a 14-0 run to take a 30-17 lead into intermission. The second was free throw shooting as Harriman made just eight of 20 freebies on the day. 

  • Leon Houston likely to be released following outburst




    Authorities removed Leon Houston from a courtroom after a commotion during a hearing for his younger brother, Rocky Houston, on Friday afternoon.

    Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton confirmed that Leon would be charged with contempt of court for the disturbance, which erupted when Special Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood was ruling on Rocky's motion to have him recused.


  • Missing woman not forgotten



    Cheryl Payne may be gone, but she’s not forgotten.

    Family and friends commemorated her birthday with a roadside observance on Thursday.   

    “She would have been [39] years old today,” said Payne’s sister, Tammy Braden. “We haven’t ever got out and really done anything like that. Every year something has happened, or I was just too emotional and couldn’t do it.

  • Alcohol opponents emerge in Rockwood



    Liquor sales in Rockwood were approved in 2008 with little outcry, and loosened church and school boundary restrictions were passed late last year with no public opposition.

    That resistance was apparently building, however, and it came to a head Monday when about 70 people affiliated with various churches crowded into city hall to face Rockwood City Council.

  • Little house looms large in exec race



    Roane County Executive Mike Farmer told commissioners in January there was nothing illegal about his decision to renovate a small white house adjacent to the new jail.

    One of the candidates planning to run against him in the August election begs to differ.

    “The more you look into that, it makes less and less sense every time,” Ron Woody said. “It’s a wonder somebody hasn’t called the DA to say, ‘Hey, you need to look into this.’”

  • Will Kilgore testify in ash spill lawsuits?



    TVA President/CEO Tom Kilgore had a terse response when asked if the fly ash catastrophe at the Kingston Fossil Plant was preventable.

    “Everything is preventable, including any car accident you have,” Kilgore said on Dec. 23, 2008, a day after a dike failure at the plant released 5.4 million cubic yards of ash into the environment.

  • Motorist charged in cyclist’s road death



    The driver of a pickup that struck and killed an avid Oak Ridge cyclist on Gallaher Road will face charges.

    A Roane County grand jury returned an indictment for criminally negligent homicide against driver Justin Anthony Pattterson in the Aug. 25 death of John W. Daugherty.

    Daugherty, 78, was an accomplished cyclist who participated in many road races and cycling events.

    Daugherty was riding toward Oak Ridge on the shoulder of Hwy. 58 in Kingston when he was struck.

  • County borrows millions



    Roane County Commission has given its stamp of approval for the county to borrow several million dollars for a number of capital projects and the refinancing of outstanding debt.

    All together, the county’s loans will be around $8.8 million. Morgan Keegan representative Scott P. Gibson said that money includes about $3.4 million in new debt and refinancing about $5.4 million in old debt, including a number of capital outlay notes.

    Commissioners were not unanimous in their votes for the loans.

  • Chemistry a key for Bobcats


    Roane Newspapers

    There's no I in team, but there is in chemistry and that's one thing Oliver Springs seniors Rue Eskridge, Tyler Harper, Wesley Rather, Lucas Tarver and Justin Taylor have a lot of.

    As Oliver Springs prepares for next week's TSSAA Class A State Tournament in Murfreesboro, Bobcat head coach Tony Ingram will rely on that chemistry and talent as the Bobcats look to bring home a state championship.

  • Perseverance pays off for Blue Devils


    Roane Newspapers

    Harriman head coach Jeff King knew his Blue Devils had a lot of potential at the beginning of the 2009-10 season. He also knew his team was young and would struggle at times learning how to compete at a championship level. He knew if his team would survive they would have to persevere.