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  • County debates pay raise



    Members of the county budget committee have expressed support for a boost in pay for employees.

    “I wish that we could give our employees a salary increase,” County Executive Mike Farmer said.

    Budget director Alva Moore said a 1-percent raise would cost about $103,000.

    Employees were in line to get a 1-percent raise last year, but it was taken out of the budget at the last minute.

  • No jail time for Rocky

    Despite convictions for evading arrest and reckless endangerment, Rocky Houston walked out of the Roane County Courthouse a free man on Friday. 

  • Decision '10 preparations on


  • Manson killer stays in jail



    According to his lawyer, Manson Family killer Bruce Davis was planning to live with his wife and daughter once he got out of prison.

    Davis will have to come up with an alternate plan now, because he’s staying behind bars.

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger reversed a California parole board’s decision that would have allowed the convicted killer and Charles Manson follower to get out of prison after 38 years.

  • Naked chase ends in arrest



    Putting on clothes was the last thing on Tony Scruggs’ mind when he heard his wife summon him in a frightened tone.

    “I was butt naked, about to go take a shower, when I heard my wife real startled on the intercom,” he said. “She said, ‘Tony, get downstairs.’ I ran down those steps at about 100 miles per hour.”

    His wife caught an intruder hiding behind a bar in their home on Arrowhead Trail on June 23.

    Scruggs said he yelled at the man to get out of their house.

  • Kingston tops Harriman in Dixie Youth action


    Roane Newspapers

    Kingston and Harriman play each other every year in a lot of sports, but the Blue Devils and Yellow Jackets will be hard-pressed to find a game that had a better ending than Saturday’s Dixie Youth A sub district tournament game in Spring City.

    Down 13-2 at one point, the five and six-year-old all-stars from Kingston rallied for a 21-20 victory in extra innings to remain unbeaten after three games of tournament play.

  • Woman charged in fatal accident



    A Kingston woman has been indicted on two counts of criminally negligent homicide in a November 2009 traffic accident.

    Two people riding on a motorcycle were killed in the accident.

    Aileen Kennedy was driving a 1997 Ford Ranger on Hwy. 58 when she attempted a turn into the Riverbend Market.

    She turned right into the path of the Honda Goldwing motorcycle that carried Keith B. Abblett and Nadia Abblett, both of Knoxville.

  • Roane players enjoying Rocky Top experience


    Roane Newspapers

    Kayla Christopher, Callie Mergen and Jenna Ray are getting a different type of basketball experience this summer as all three are playing in the 2010 Women’s Pilot Rocky Top League being played at Knoxville Catholic High School.

    The league is comprised mostly of college players from throughout the area with many that play for the Tennessee Lady Vols.

  • Tree swallows help monitor TVA ash toxins



    When it comes to determining the potential harm from TVA’s 2008 ash spill, scientists are turning to the birds.

    Tree swallows, to be precise.

    Why tree swallows?

    Neil Carriker, who is overseeing the TVA study, says the birds’ feeding and territorial habits make it an ideal subject.

    Based on its diet of primarily insects, he sees it as sort of large-mouth bass with wings.

    But unlike the bass, the tree swallow doesn’t go far from its nesting box during breeding season.

  • Pantless photo of candidate sends another message



    The series was called  “Out of Frame.”

    However, Tennessee House of Representatives candidate Julia Hurley is very much in frame in a picture posted on ModelMayhem.com.

    Hurley, who is seeking the Republican nomination in the Aug. 5 primary, is pictured pantless and appears to be pantiless while wearing black high heel boots that approach the knees.

    Her body is positioned in an empty picture frame.