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  • Fourth’s fantastic winner
  • Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: May our ‘history wars’ lead to constructive resolutions

    By the time you read these lines, my wish that you a have restful and reflective Independence Day will be dated.

    Hopefully, my deeper sentiments will not.

    Indeed, I am composing these thoughts early on July 4th with mixed anticipation of the day’s events.

    Rather than comment on our president’s controversial plans or react to the outpouring of opinions from his critics and defenders, I will wait a few hours and learn, like the rest of you, what transpires on the DC mall.

    But I will not watch it on TV.

  • Why do we keep trashing America the beautiful?

    By Michael Butler

    Special to the Roane County News

    Americans marvel at the beauty of our country. We seem blessed to have it all, from arctic mountains to tropical waters.

    Tennessee contains incredible diversity too, including those iconic amber waves of grain and purple mountains.

    Despite our reverence for the majesty of our natural resources, Americans—and seemingly some Tennesseans in particular—have a knack for trashing it all.

  • Wading Through the Numbers: A follow-up on why Roane County isn’t growing

    In the Friday, June 28, 2019, Roane County News we addressed hypothetically the estimates from constructing homes appraised at $200,000 each.

    Recently we received data from our Property Assessor, Building and Codes, and GIS departments that is worth sharing.

    This data represents homes that have been completed and added to the assessment roll during the year listed.

    The 2019 year is only for the first six months.

    This table represents homes completed or substantially completed during the year as noted.

  • County residents eligible for free smoke alarms through program

    The Roane County Office of Emergency Services and Roane County’s volunteer fire departments are working to save lives by preventing fires to begin with.

    Roane County residents can contact one of these agencies for the installation of free smoke alarms.

    The county has given away approximately 278 smoke alarms since 2012, according to H. Brad Goss, a Tennessee Public Fire and Life Safety Educator.

    The program is in coordination with the Tennessee Fire Marshal’s Office and alarms must be installed by fire department personnel.

  • A special ‘KISS’ for a Harriman Princess

    By Richard Evans

    Area KISS fans will soon get the opportunity to “Rock and Roll All Nite.”

    Dressed to Kill, a KISS tribute band, will be performing at the Princess Theatre at 7 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 3.

    Tickets are $20.

    Tim Duff, a board member of the Princess Foundation is on various mailing lists for entertainment due to his role with the foundation.

    He saw some information on Dressed to Kill.

    “We’re always looking for shows to bring into the Princess and I am a KISS fan,” Duff said.

  • TVA looks to retake ball fields

    TVA is threatening to terminate Roane County’s lease at the Swan Pond Sports Complex if the county doesn’t resume care of the facility.

  • Hickman takes on job at Roane County Park

    Allen Hickman has taken a part-time job with the county’s parks and recreation department.

    Hickman is the former Harriman parks and recreation director and a current county commissioner.

    “He’s doing some part-time work for us on the weekend,” said County Executive Ron Woody, who is over the county’s parks and recreation department.

    Woody said he and County Parks and Recreation Director Mike Beard made the decision to hire Hickman.

    “We knew we had a part-time slot available,” Woody said.

  • OUT to LUNCH: Chesapeake’s West Knoxville Seafood and Raw Bar

    It’s nice to have folks ask me why they haven’t seen my “Out To Lunch” articles in the Roane County News lately. It’s a compliment to know they have read and enjoyed the articles.

    I have had some back health issues, and my wife Carol recently fell and broke her hip. Our eating has been limited to extremely delicious food friends have generously stocked in our refrigerator.