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  • Going With the Flo: Will we save our future or just sing louder?

    By Flo Charles

    Did you hear the story of a Jewish man who survived the Holocaust and stood in a small German church, years after his liberation to tell his story?

    As the people were leaving, he was shaking their hands when a little old man came toward him with tears streaming down his face.

    Grasping his hand, he explained that while in his preteens, he had lived in Germany during the Holocaust.

    While there he attended a small church that was just in front of the railroad tracks.

  • Kids are ‘for the birds’

    A Good Samaritan reportedly came to the aid of a woman who was being assaulted in Rockwood.

    The incident happened on Wednesday, Aug. 7.

    According to the report, Rockwood Police Sgt. Jared Hall responded to the Subway restaurant on North Gateway Avenue to investigate a domestic situation.

    “I went to the Subway and spoke to Sara Beth Thomas, who told me her boyfriend, Carl Holm came to her work at Subway and started a physical fight with her,” the report said.

  • Roane Commission does not need a redo on budget vote

    It doesn’t look like the Roane County Commission will have a do-over on its 2019-20 budget vote despite some questions about how it was approved during a special-called meeting last month.

    “I didn’t have any concerns with it,” County Executive Ron Woody said after Monday’s regular Commission meeting.

    “Legitimate questions and I thought they were answered.”

    Initially, the budget failed as amended 9-6 during the special-called meeting on July 29.

  • Manis pleads in assault of an officer case

    The man accused of shooting at Harriman police in 2016 entered a guilty plea in Roane County Criminal Court last week.

    Nathan Manis, 31, was facing two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of felony reckless endangerment.

    He reached a plea deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated assault and one count of felony reckless endangerment. The remaining two charges were dismissed.

  • Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: TVA and Roane County’s ever changing relationship

    By Mark Banker

    Last month, TVA’s new chief officer, Jeff Lyash, met with sickened coal ash spill workers and regional residents with broader concerns about coal ash.

    The cordial meetings offer hope for a better resolution of a sad situation in this community and that TVA may develop a more responsible approach to a long-standing dilemma.

    We will not know, however, if this optimism is merited any time soon.

  • Wading Through the Numbers: Roane county’s debt must be properly managed

    By Ron Woody

    County Government Financial Management is governed by Tennessee law, formal and informal policies. Tennessee Law establishes the overriding structure in which local governments operate. Some counties, Roane County being one of those counties, established more formal policies of financial management by the adoption of resolutions.

  • High School golf round up

    Rockwood vs.

    Oliver Springs

    Rockwood Boys: 188

    Everhart- 36

    Green- 48

    Melton- 52

    Webster- 52

    Oliver Springs: (only had 2 boys)

    Alcorn- 56

    Marler- 60


    Rockwood Girls: 110

    Tilley- 52

    MacDonald- 58

    Oliver Springs: 120

    Jenkins- 58

    Robbins- 60

    Rockwood vs.

    Rhea County


    Rhea Co.



    Pendergrass- 43

  • UT football season preview part 1

    I’m going to break this up into 2 parts. Pick up a copy this Friday to see the back half of Tennessee’s schedule.