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    By Richard Evans

    Harold Dewitt Johnson, one of the most decorated veterans in Roane County, was honored Wednesday for his service.

    “I feel honored and humbled. I’m appreciative, it’s something that means a lot to me. I don’t feel like I’m any more deserving than anyone else but it’s been a privilege to serve my country,” Johnson said.

  • A Flavorful Fourth
  • Jail cost to cause tax hike

    The Roane County Commission’s Budget Committee is recommending a property tax rate increase of 11 cents for the 2019-20 fiscal year.

    Ten cents is earmarked for debt service and 1 cent is for the volunteer fire departments.

    Director of Accounts and Budgets Connie Aytes said a county-wide penny of property tax generates $121,000 and the rural penny generates $76,000.

    “The property tax didn’t grow like we’d hoped,” County Executive Ron Woody said.

  • A View From Lick Skillet: Democrats follow Christ’s instruction on their reply
  • Invasive fish — heading here to destroy

    By Timothy Joseph PhD

    Fishery Biologist

    The “invasive” Silver Carp (from Asia) have overrun most of the Mississippi and Ohio River watersheds.

    They have occupied the Tennessee River as far upstream as Wheeler Reservoir in Alabama, and may already be in Guntersville Reservoir. They are heading this way.

    Silver Carp can live 20 years, grow to four-feet and weigh 90 pounds.

    A mature female will lay 4-5 million eggs each summer, thus they quickly take over and out compete native fish species.

  • Seniors bowling big scores weekly


    June 28

    First High Game - Beverly Zeilman, Dean Griffin 452

    Second High Game - Barbara Pickering, Harold Zeilman 472

    Third High Game - Barbara Pickering, Harold Zeilman 433

    High Scores Today - Rick Alderfer 214 game, Dean Griffin 205 game, Harold Zeilman 205 game

    High Series for today - Barbara Pickering, Harold Zeilman 1346

    High Series for June - Barbara Pickering, Harold Zeilman 1346

    High Averages - Connie Milhollon 166, Rick Matthews 181

  • Only you can prevent bear sightings

    TWRA Report

    for The Roane County News

    TWRA receives more calls regarding black bear in spring and early summer than any other time of year. Movement of young bears takes them into new, unknown territory. Human outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, camping and grilling increase the potential for humans to spot a bear and for bear-human discord.

  • Kingston sending four DY to state

    Every year, youth league teams often have extra expenses to account for.

    The Kingston Optimist Club Dixie Youth teams are no exception as this summer it is sending all four of its programs to state tournaments.

    The 6U and 8U All-Star squads will travel to Summertown and Henderson in Chester County, respectively, Thursday.

    The 10U team is going to the tournament in Sweetwater while the 12U Ozone team will be in Fairview starting a week from now starting July 11.

  • Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: Kingston’s ebb and flow mirrors that of the country

    When I composed last week’s thoughts about the sentimental yearnings of we baby boomers, a recent 50th reunion of Roane County High classes of 1968-1969 was fresh in my mind.

    Thanks to an unlikely convergence of developments, the U.S. in the three decades after World War II experienced unusual prosperity, unity, and surging optimism. But, when those influences waned in the 20th century’s final decades, disappointment set in.

    Developments in Kingston mirrored this general pattern in many ways.

  • Wading Through the Numbers: Some funds (companies) do not have a tax rate

    By Ron Woody

    In a previous article we mentioned that we run 24 Funds (companies).

    Thirteen of these companies have zero property tax directly supporting them.

    Four of these Funds (companies) indirectly have tax support. Indirectly means that the Funds have money transferred into the fund from another fund that has a tax rate.

    For example, Highway Capital Project Fund has zero property tax assigned but has money transferred into the Fund from the General Highway Fund that has a tax rate.