Today's News

  • Lady Devils advance to title round

    By Melissa Coley


    On Thursday evening, Harriman took on and defeated the Lady Bears from Huntsville by a final score of 31-13.

    For the second year in a row, the Harriman Lady Blue Devils will be playing in the sectional championship game.

  • Exciting times, exciting life

    This is the third in a series of stories about Kingston native Carolyn Bush Roddy. This final story, it should concludes the series.

    Carolyn Roddy has been a pioneer throughout her life.

    As has been mentioned in other stories, Roddy collected accolades and awards for her basketball prowess like some collect baseball cards.

    After her time in high school and college playing basketball, Roddy also got to travel the world as a representative of the United States in various coomptetions.

    This culminated in the Pan Am Games.

  • Dad in starved tot case found guilty

    The man accused of starving his son to death was found guilty in Roane County Criminal Court on Friday.

    Matthew Dotson was taken into custody immediately following the verdict.

    Seeing her son led away in handcuffs was apparently too much for his mother, who collapsed on the courtroom floor.

    The jury will return to the courthouse on Saturday and decide whether Dotson serves life in prison without parole or life with the possibility of parole.

  • A View From Lick Skillet: Was President Obama also chosen by God?

    Gentle reader, last week’s News issues contained several items of interest, but possibly the most interesting were those concerning Henry Redmond. We do not know Mr. Redmond, and had never heard of him until he launched his campaign of diatribes against us which we have hitherto ignored, thinking him to be just another of the intellectually challenged Trumpites seeking some notoriety by attacking his betters.

  • Going With the Flo: Trump vows to protect the lives of the unborn

    Seeing the current events reminds me of the story of the hatched chicken.

    Finally cracking the shell open, he poked his head out, looked all around, and in horror at what he saw, pulled the shell back together and slid back inside.

    On Jan. 22, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act, which some have reported “effectively legalizes abortions through all nine months for any reason.”

    How can it be legal to murder a fully formed baby after it is born?

  • Get around Roane with new transportation options

    Roane County residents looking for transportation now have more access to several of the most popular ridesharing apps.

    Midtown resident Ian Conway said he has been driving for both Uber and Lyft for about a month.

    He said calls have been building as word gets out that he is available.

    “I’m getting one or two calls per week,” he said.

    Although there is a Yellow Cab service in Oak Ridge there is no taxi service based in Roane County, he said.

  • RWSG gets nod to buy another property for offices

    By Richard Evans

    Monday evening, the Rockwood City Council had a chance to view the initial drawings of the proposed office building and operations center for Rockwood Water, Sewer and Gas.

    Kim Ramsey, general manager of RWSG, discussed the plans for the two buildings.

    “Plans are in the early stages right now but we’re really excited about it and excited about making an investment in downtown,” Ramsey.

    She introduced David Collins of McCarty Holsaple McCarty Inc., architects responsible for the design of both buildings.

  • Harriman man wins million in the lottery

    Fortunes changed quickly Monday evening for Harriman resident Devin Brown.

    He scratched off a $1 million dollar lottery ticket.

    Brown, who works for Best Exterminating, walked into the Citgo on North Roane Street with his father at around 9 p.m. Monday evening to buy some lottery tickets.

    Devin usually buys the $2 Jumbos, but for some reason he decided to take a chance on a $1 Million Platinum Payout, which costs $20 a ticket.

    It was the first big ticket he ever bought.

  • Rockwood aiming to help seniors

    By Richard Evans

    Unemployed senior citizens in Roane County could soon have an opportunity at a part-time job in Rockwood.

    The Rockwood City Council approved a resolution Monday night for the city to be a host agency for the Senior Community Service Employment Program. The program, administered by East Tennessee Human Resources Agency, comes at no cost to the city.


    Two-year-old Clifford Dotson suffered a horrendous death.

    That’s not in dispute.

    The point of contention stems around the culpability of his father, Matthew Dotson.

    “Matt did not know the condition of his son,” defense attorney Phil Lomonaco said. “He did not know.”

    Clifford died on May 3, 2012 from starvation.

    “At autopsy, Clifford weighed 12 pounds,” Assistant District Attorney General Bob Edwards said.