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    KAITLIN KEANE/Roane Newspapers
    This tot represents the spirit of Christmas in Harriman’s Christmas parade on Thursday night. There’s still time to catch sights and sounds on parade in Roane County — in fact, the Rockwood Christmas parade is at 7 p.m. today, Dec. 8. Oliver Springs delayed its parade because rain was in the forecast, but everything is set for the parade there to get underway on Dec. 16.

  • Give Christmas cards special holiday flair

    Postal patrons can send their holiday greeting cards in style this season with a special postmark from the U.S. Postal Service.
    Six regional postmarks are offered to patrons during December.
    Customers wanting a special holiday postmark on their greeting cards need to do the following:
    • Personalize greeting card. Seal envelope. Print addresses on envelopes.
    • Put postage stamp on each card.
    • Mail all the greeting cards together in a larger envelope or Priority Mail box to the appropriate address.

  • Gallaher trial postponement likely

    Eric Gallaher’s attorney is still suspended, which means his voluntary manslaughter trial scheduled for Tuesday in Roane County Criminal Court faces another postponement.

    Gallaher is charged in the death of David Harvey. His body was found outside the Grill & Pub on July 23, 2011.

    Gallaher allegedly punched Harvey after a fender-bender in the parking lot of the tavern, which has since closed.

  • Roane election officials suggest OS aldermen change charter

    The Roane County Election Commission certified the results of the Oliver Springs election on Nov. 24.

    The winners were sworn in two days after the Nov. 4 election, even though the town charter states, “the newly elected officers of the town shall take offices at 7 p.m. on the first Thursday in November, after the election results have been certified.”

    Despite what the charter calls for, Oliver Springs Town Recorder Joe Van Hook said the officials were properly sworn in on Nov. 6.

  • Ellis heads up county road committee

    Members of the new Roane County Road Committee selected Commissioner Randy Ellis as chairman during its meeting last month.

    The chairman position was previously held by Commissioner Benny East.
    The commission has more than two dozen committees. Membership is chosen each year.

    The previous Road Committee was made up of Commissioners Bobby Collier, Stanley Moore, Fred Tedder, Ellis and East.

    The new committee is comprised of Commissioners Carolyn Granger, Mike Hooks, Collier, Ellis and East.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Everyone but school board knows architects build

    Gentle reader, before leaving the topic of fine food and good eating with which we have concerned ourself the past couple of weeks, we must mention a delightful development in downtown Harriman.

    These developments have unfortunately been few and far between in recent times, so we want to devote a few paragraphs to the new/old business which has just opened on the comer of Roane Street and Queen Street, at 431 North Roane Street, under the name Simply Sweet Bakery.

    The owners, Mike Borman and Brad Jones formerly operated under the name Pattycake Pastries.

  • Rockwood gas customers can get more help

    Cold weather season is gearing up, and Rockwood Water, Sewer and Natural Gas is hoping to offer more assistance with gas bills.

    The utility board voted last week to continue using the same standards it adopted last winter. Rockwood Ministerial Association oversees disbursement applications.

    The beginning balance at the start of winter 2013-14 was $51,919.20, and officials decided to change the way funds are distributed so more people would qualify. They also allowed people to be able to receive assistance twice, instead of the original single opportunity.

  • Newish faces in Rockwood government

    Some new — and some not-so-new faces — took their seats at the Rockwood City Council special-called meeting Monday.

    Former Rockwood Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller is once again mayor, with former councilman Dudley Evans also returning. Term limits had forced them to sit out the earlier term.

    A former Rockwood mayor and city councilman, Harold Holloway, joined them, along with newcomer Bobby Anderson.

    Sitting Councilman Mike Freeman welcomed the new members and referred to the work they put into getting elected.

  • Merger expands farmers co-op

    AgCentral Farmers Co-op, a new business entity, combines the strengths of Valley Farmers Co-op based in Athens, and Foothills Farmers Co-op based in Maryville, in a merger.

    AgCentral is planned to be one of the most progressive farm and food supply organizations in the Southeast and will provide 200 jobs.

    AgCentral is projected to have a sales volume over $95 million. Approximately 70 percent of that is due to sales of agronomy products, livestock feed and animal welfare items.

    Members of the Foothills and Valley co-ops approved the merger last month.

  • Keep holiday decorating safe

    Holiday decorations bring an increased potential for injury, especially to young children.

    Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt is offering a host of tips to keep homes safe and prevent holiday-related injuries:

    • Check holiday lights for frayed wires, broken sockets or excessive wear.

    • Choose an artificial tree, that is tested and labeled as fire resistant.

    • Unplug all holiday lights at night or before leaving home.

    • Don’t overload extension cords or outlets with too many plugs.