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  • Students, family enjoy Bingo night
  • HPD concentrates on DUI danger zone

    By Cindy Simpson and Kaitlin Keane

    Harriman Police Department didn’t net any drunk drivers last week during its DUI checkpoint Friday, but a number of arrests for other violations did occur.

    “We issued four adult seat belt tickets and three child restraint tickets. No arrests for DUI, but we consider it successful because of the seat belt tickets and the deterrent of letting people know we are working hard to stop DUI offenders,” said Assistant Police Chief Kenney Humphrey.

  • Late Roane budget criticized

    The late date that the Roane County Commission approved its last budget was frowned upon by the state.

  • Feds want to add to gas tax

    State officials aren’t the only ones looking at a gas tax hike. Federal officials are considering one as well.

    U.S. Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee and U.S. Sen. John Thune of South Dakota spoke about the issue on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace last month.

    “I think we have to look at all the options,” said Thune, a Republican and chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

  • Rockwood to discuss image-repair funds

    Rockwood could be finalizing what the city wants to use its $100,000 in public-image-repair money from TVA.

    “I’m still researching it and trying to come up with it. I’ve gotten some things in mind that would better our city,” said Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller.

    Miller will present his proposals and discuss other ideas with Rockwood City Council at a 5 p.m. special called meeting today, Wednesday, Feb. 4.

    He did have a few ideas already, however.

  • Yager a busy bill sponsor in legislature

    Bills haven’t been flying out of state Rep. Kent Calfee’s office this legislative session.

    According to the Tennessee General Assembly’s website, Calfee had sponsored no bills as of Tuesday morning.

    That’s not the case with state Sen. Ken Yager.

    The website showed Yager sponsoring seven bills as of Tuesday morning.

  • Kayla Christopher joins Oliver Springs Hall of Fame

    Kayla Christopher hasn’t played in an Oliver Springs jersey since 2009, but walking onto the court Friday night showed one thing: the crowd hasn’t forgotten.

    Christopher, the daughter of Lady Bobcats head coach Michelle Christopher, was inducted into the Oliver Springs Hall of Fame following the Lady Cats win over Wartburg.

    “It’s kind of crazy,” Christopher said. “You don’t really think about it. It’s just an honor, really, to be part of the group that’s (in the hall of fame). They’re a group of great, talented people and it’s just an honor to be back.”

  • Lady Bobcats rally to run past Wartburg

    After one of the lowest scoring first quarters in the coaching career of Oliver Springs head coach Michelle Christopher, the Lady Bobcats defeated Wartburg, 35-20.

    It was a first quarter of difference for the Lady Bobcats with neither twin, Emily or Rachel Griffith, putting up a single point.

    Wartburg was led by Ames Mackenzie with 1 point while Courtney Jones led Oliver Springs with 4.

    The Lady Bobcats finally got their offense rolling in the second quarter, thanks in part to the play of Allyssa Suttles and her two 3-pointers.

  • Oliver Springs hangs on to down Bulldogs

    It wasn’t pretty, but when Wartburg and Oliver Springs meet it usual isn’t.

    With only a 1-point lead with under 10 seconds to play, the Bobcats were able to hold on for the win, 72-68.

    “It’s one of those rival games,” Oliver Springs head coach Tony Ingram said. “With us, I’ve been coaching 10 plus years, records don’t matter or where you play, it’s going to be a game. They’ll be a time or two when one will get a blowout win here or there, but 9 times out of 10 it’s a game like this.

  • Midway sweeps up Rockwood

    It doesn’t happen very often, but the Midway Lady Waves and Green Waves won both games last Friday night against struggling Rockwood.

    The Lady Tigers dropped to 6-16 overall and 1-9 in district 3A after a 46-33 Midway win. The Lady Waves improved to 18-8 overall and are 4-7
    in the district.

    The Green Waves picked up a tough 47-41 win to improve to 5-21 on the season. They won their second district game and are 2-9 in district 3A.

    Rockwood dropped to 5-17 with the loss and are 2-8 in the district.