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  • Dixie Youth action continues despite weather
  • Morgan recalls Rockwood 1947

    By Hugh Willett


    Kendall Morgan can’t remember the score of the 1947 Lions Bowl in Athens, but he can remember who won and what happened after the game.

    The Rockwood native quarterbacked the 1947 Rockwood High School football team under then Coach B.R. Derryberry.

    “We played the number three team in the state, Clarksville,” Morgan recalled.

  • OR man accused of child rape

    An Oak Ridge man is in serious trouble for alleged sex crimes.

    The Roane County grand jury indicted Aaron Calloway Litton last week on two counts of child rape, two counts of rape and two counts of statutory rape by an authority figure.

    Litton, 40, was booked on the indictment at the Roane County Jail last Thursday. He posted bail and was released.

    His address is listed as 115 Orchard Lane, Oak Ridge.

    Litton’s alleged crimes occurred between April 1, 2017 and Oct. 31, 2017.

  • Officials rule Rosado death a homicide

    Robert Rosado’s death has been ruled a homicide by Knox County Chief Medical Examiner Darinka Mileusnic.

    His girlfriend, Jenny Michelle Parton, is accused of shooting him with a 12-gauge shotgun on March 15.

    An autopsy was performed on Rosado the following day at the Regional Forensic Center in Knoxville.

    “Robert Rosado died of a shotgun wound of the right arm and chest,” the final autopsy report said.

    Parton and Rosado were reportedly in a relationship and the shooting occurred at a residence the two shared on River Road.

  • Kingston changes its stripes

    The Kingston Police Department’s patrol cars are getting a makeover. Locals will be familiar with the new color scheme.

    “We’ve had black and gold for several years and just wanted to do something a little bit different,” Police Chief Jim Washam said.

    “I figured hey, while we’re at it, lets do like Kingston and go orange and blue.”

    Those are the colors of Roane County High School, also known as Kingston High School.

    Washam is a 1983 graduate of the school.

  • Tuition, fees up at community colleges, TCATs

    The Tennessee Board of Regents set tuition and fees Friday for the 2019-20 academic year.

    Tuition and mandatory fees combined average a 2.45 increase from last year — the lowest percentage increase since 1991 at Tennessee’s community colleges and since 2013 at the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology. It is the third consecutive year in which combined tuition and fee increases are less than three percent.

    Danice Turpin, president of Harriman TCAT, said the impact on students should be minimal.

  • New leader at library
  • Republican Women host Burn descendant

    The Roane County Republican Women will host guest speaker Tyler Boyd, author of Tennessee Statesman Harry T. Burns: Woman Suffrage, Free Elections, and a Life of Service at their 6 p.m. meeting on Thursday, June 27, at Michael Dunn Center, 609 Gallaher Road, Kingston.

    Boyd is the great-nephew of state Rep. Harry T. Burn, who in 1920 cast the deciding vote in the Tennessee General Assembly to ratify the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, giving women the right to vote.

    The story goes that Burns had received a letter from his mother, urging him to do so.

  • Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: Nostalgia for the past can hamper moving forward

    By Mark Banker

    “Nostalgia…find[s] the present tense…[and] the past perfect.” — Owens Lee Pomeroy

    This insight offers a convincing diagnosis for our current national mood.

    While our president has never defined the America he wishes to restore, the appeal of his signature slogan to many baby boomers is revealing.

    As a baby boomer, I sympathize with this sentiment, and as a historian I acknowledge its allure.