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  • Help fight cancer with Relay for Life event

    This year’s Relay for Life event at Roane State Community College will let everyone know it’s time to champion over cancer.

    The theme for the Friday, April 26, Relay for Life event is “We are the Champions,” and event organizers are hoping to raise $40,000 towards the battle to kick cancer to the curb.

    Festivities, which includes food, games and music, will be from 5 to 11 p.m. in the faculty parking lot.

    “Cancer affects all of us. It is out there and we need to do something to stop it,” said Fran Puckett.

  • TVA plans to expand on-site storage for gypsum at Kingston

    The Tennessee Valley Authority is asking for public comment on a plan to expand the boundaries of an onsite dry storage landfill for coal combustion residuals at Kingston Fossil Plant near Harriman, Tennessee.

    TVA currently operates a permitted state-of-the-art dry landfill on TVA property at Kingston for coal ash and gypsum, which is produced by the air emissions controls at the plant.

    The landfill is designed for two phases. The first phase has been in operation since 2015.

  • Researchers find gene tied to bad antibiotic reaction

    Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and colleagues have identified a gene that increases the risk for a severe and potentially life-threatening reaction to the commonly prescribed antibiotic vancomycin.

    Routine testing for this gene could improve patient safety and reduce unnecessary avoidance of other antibiotics, they reported in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

  • Jail vocational training program benefits all

    By Danielle Brown

    Special to the Roane County News

    We have all made those decisions, a few steps too far in the wrong direction.

    For some, those decisions resulted in debt, a lost job, a lower grade, or ended a relationship. Others gave up their freedom.

    Regardless, yesterday has been spent, and today we reap our investment. We can choose to learn and evolve or do more of the same. Hindsight can redirect many paths, but what of the men and women whose mistakes cost their freedom?

  • Roane Democrats elect new officers

    The Roane County Democratic Party Convention adopted new bylaws and elected new officers and executive committee members at its biannual Reorganization Convention March 30.

    The new officers and executive committee members were sworn in at the regular meeting immediately following the Convention.  

  • A View From Lick Skillet: Should we learn to say and spell Buttigieg?
  • Going With the Flo: It is important that we stand for unborn life

    By Flo Charles

    “In God We Trust” is America’s National motto.

    It is fixed over the front door of Roane County’s courthouse, but are we honestly trusting God? I love Roane County and I love America! My heart grieves at all the anti-Christian rhetoric and hatred being poured into our nation, opening the door to hate, murder and anti-American illegals!

    “Politicians only care about the next election; statesmen care about the next generation!”


    Laura Ann Buckingham had a question for the hitman she met with in 2016 to arrange the killing of her son’s father.

    “You sure you’re not a cop,” she asked.

    Unbeknownst to her, the hitman was actually an undercover TBI agent. After arranging and paying for the hit, Buckingham was arrested and later charged with solicitation to commit first-degree murder.

    She reached a plea deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to the charge in December.

    Criminal Court Judge Jeff Wicks sentenced Buckingham on Thursday.

  • Seniors bowlers, big scores


    April 5

    1st High Game - Barbara Pickering, Rick Matthews 414

    2nd High Game - Loretta Carrington, Harold Zeilma 427

    3rd High Game - Loretta Carrington, Harold Zeilman 454

    High Scores today - Rick Matthews 224 game, Harold Zeilman 205 game

    High Series for today - Loretta Carrington, Harold Zeilman 1278

    High Series for March - Beverly Zeilman, Ken Altes 1334

    High Averages - Loretta Carrington 162, Rick Alderfer 178

  • Opportunities for volleyball

    By Melissa Coley


    Harriman Middle volleyball coach Ashley Kemp made a couple of adjustments this year. First, she accepted the high school volleyball coaching position that is played in the fall and second, she had the middle school season moved to the spring.

    “This opens up volleyball to more girls since softball season for the middle school is played in the fall and some girls had to pick and choose what sport they wanted to play”, says Kemp.