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  • GUEST OPINION: No lasting peace possible without religious freedom


    First Amendment Center

    On Dec. 10, 1948, the nations of the world gathered at the United Nations to adopt the Universal Declaration of Rights, an American-inspired proclamation that launched the modern human rights movement.

    Voting in the shadow of the Holocaust, religious freedom was prominent among the inalienable rights that the world agreed must be guarded for all people.

  • Atomic national park will have big impact in Roane

    Oak Ridge officials aren’t the only ones excited about a new Manhattan Project National Historical Park.

    “It’s also exciting for Roane County,” Roane County Executive Ron Woody said.

    This month, both the U.S. House and Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which designates locations in Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, N.M., and Hanford, Wash., as a three-site national park.

  • TVA ash cleanup update set

    TVA President and CEO Bill Johnson is supposed to be in town today – Wednesday – to give an update on the ash spill cleanup.

    Monday, Dec. 22, will mark the sixth anniversary of the spill at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant. A dike failure released more than 5 million cubic yards of ash. The massive cleanup project that got underway after the disaster is winding down.

  • All lit up
  • A wonderful showing
  • REACH a success
  • Record-setting profs surface

    Two Roane State Community College professors had their first breath of fresh air Monday after a record-breaking adventure living underwater for 73 days.

    Jessica Fain and Bruce Cantrell emerged to their first glimpse of sunlight on a warm Florida day and high fived each other. Breaking the surface was surreal for the pair, who have been underwater since Oct. 3.

    “It still didn’t seem real until we actually broke the surface and saw so many friends and family and well-wishers,”Cantrell said.

  • TRAPPED: Sparta man caught in trench for four hours

    A man working on a sewer project Friday afternoon became trapped in a ditch when a portion of it collapsed.

    Authorities were releasing neither the man’s name nor his condition at press time.

    “I was just praying he fell just the right way and they could get to him quick enough,” said Emily Clark, who lives near the construction site on Midtown’s Moses Lane.

    “They got his face and chest uncovered before anybody got here,” added her mother, Kim Clark.

  • Condo owners’ tax bills decrease

    The change in the way a group of Kingston condominiums are classified has resulted in a lower total market appraisal for those condo owners.

    Among them is Roane County Property Assessor David Morgan, whose property’s total market appraisal dropped $9,300.

    “Our area supervisor, Keith Gibson, actually pointed out that any buildings that were classified as condos, but owned the land underneath them by deed, were actually supposed to be listed as a townhouse,” Morgan said.

  • Indiana company acquires Rockwood’s Capstan

    Netshape Technologies of Floyds Knobs, Ind., has acquired Rockwood’s Capstan Tennessee Inc. and expects only growth in the future.

    Don Leonard, chief marketing officer for NetShape Technologies Inc., said employees at the Rockwood facility should not be concerned about their future.

    “We really don’t see any significant changes — especially in the short term,” Leonard said.

    “The only thing we’ll see in the long term is growth.”