• Pioneering dual enrollment and career and technical education opportunities

    By Dr. Sara Morrison,

    Executive Director, State Board of Education

    As the state’s policy-making body for K-12 education, we make it a priority to regularly travel across Tennessee, listening and learning about what works and what remains challenging in providing an excellent education for all students.

    During these visits, we often seek out areas of our state where we know great work is happening.

  • Going With the Flo: Trump vows to protect the lives of the unborn

    Seeing the current events reminds me of the story of the hatched chicken.

    Finally cracking the shell open, he poked his head out, looked all around, and in horror at what he saw, pulled the shell back together and slid back inside.

    On Jan. 22, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act, which some have reported “effectively legalizes abortions through all nine months for any reason.”

    How can it be legal to murder a fully formed baby after it is born?

  • Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: Haslam praised for bipartisan efforts in time as governor

    By Mark Banker

    Last week Bill Haslam received well-deserved praise for eight unusually effective and enlightened years as governor of Tennessee.

    The accolades, however, overlooked his greatest accomplishment.

    In the 1990s my wife, Kathy, taught Bill and Crissy Haslam’s three children as Webb School fifth graders. A few years later, I taught Will, Annie and Leigh in Webb’s Upper School.

  • Inside the First Amendment: Shutdown showed we should be more civil to civil servants

    By Lata Nott

    The longer the government shutdown persisted, the more aware we all became of just how many functions the federal government actually performs.

  • A View From Lick Skillet: Newspapers’ role in Will Rogers’ day and today

    Last week, we started off talking about changes, and we had intended to discuss some of the changes we have witnessed which we thought our younger readers might find interesting, and in some cases astonishing, and our more contemporary readers might enjoy reminiscing about, such as cars, and trains, and aeroplanes.

  • Going With the Flo: Muslim lawmakers are a danger to our way of life

    By Flo Charles

    Democrat Rashida Tlaib recited the Muslim victory call – war cry of Allah Akbar (God is greater) in a radical speech at a CAIR reception.

    This anti-American behavior has been building for years.

    Radical Islam’s modern war of world domination has gained momentum with its rallying cry — unnoticed, because of distorted lies of TOLERANCE!

    Americans are unwilling to admit the danger, while radical Islam has repeatedly stated that they will destroy America, replacing it with Islam!

  • A View From Lick Skillet: Has the effort to rescue the GOP’s soul begun?

    Gentle reader, if you are like so many others, you may be shocked as we remind you that today, 11 Jan. 2019, is not yet half way through the presidential term in office of Donald John Trump. No, dear friend, that milestone will not be reached for nine more days, even though to many of us it seems that we have been mired in this morass for many years, if not decades.

  • Going With the Flo: Trump is not perfect but placed there by God

    By Flo Charles

    Have you observed the drastic changes in our nation?

    Are you concerned enough to help reverse these effects before we are submerged beyond remedy?

    We Christians, especially, have allowed this immoral society by disobeying God’s word, becoming apathetic! 2 Chronicles 7:14 details what God will do if we do what He says.

    Psalm 11:3 says, “If the foundations be destroyed, then what can the righteous do?”

  • Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: Historical awareness valuable

    By Mark Banker

    Today I will reflect further on possible benefits AND certain perils that accompany historical awareness and perspective.

    Even a casual view of the past calls into question popular notions that the challenges of any moment in time are absolutely-unique or are more daunting than those encountered by earlier generations. Indeed, the most-basic benefit of historical knowledge may simply be confirmation of the old adage that misery loves company.

  • From the Editor’s Desk: Woody’s sequel a good read

    “Stories from the Fog “is the sequel to Roane County Executive Ron Woody’s first book ‘Don’t Get Lost in the Fog”

    In his first book, published in 2016, Woody shared tales from his youth and crafted home-spun philosophy based on lessons he learned growing up living and working on the Tennessee River.

    Woody recalls the changes that have occurred during his lifetime, including memories of his family and friends. The importance of friendship and family are a primary theme of his narrative.