• Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: Kingston’s ebb and flow mirrors that of the country

    When I composed last week’s thoughts about the sentimental yearnings of we baby boomers, a recent 50th reunion of Roane County High classes of 1968-1969 was fresh in my mind.

    Thanks to an unlikely convergence of developments, the U.S. in the three decades after World War II experienced unusual prosperity, unity, and surging optimism. But, when those influences waned in the 20th century’s final decades, disappointment set in.

    Developments in Kingston mirrored this general pattern in many ways.

  • Wading Through the Numbers: Some funds (companies) do not have a tax rate

    By Ron Woody

    In a previous article we mentioned that we run 24 Funds (companies).

    Thirteen of these companies have zero property tax directly supporting them.

    Four of these Funds (companies) indirectly have tax support. Indirectly means that the Funds have money transferred into the fund from another fund that has a tax rate.

    For example, Highway Capital Project Fund has zero property tax assigned but has money transferred into the Fund from the General Highway Fund that has a tax rate.

  • Wading Through the Numbers: Why is Roane County not growing?

    By Ron Woody

    In a previous article I commented that the economic growth in a community helps pay for the growing cost of providing government services. As the cost to provide services increase due to increase in wages, insurance, utilities, fuel and equipment one hopes the economic growth would offset the cost.

  • Going With the Flo: Remember true patriotism this Fourth of July holiday

    By Flo Charles

    As the Fourth of July approaches, remember what Patriotism is – a love for one’s country and a loyalty to that country, a desire to make one’s country the best in the world; it is a willingness to sacrifice for the country!

    Evidently, our D.C. DemoCommie Party aren’t patriots, but desperate for open borders — more votes, legal or illegal — putting America’s safety at risk! Isn’t it interesting that Obama lost in every state that required voter ID in 2012?

  • A View From Lick Skillet: What’s a 79% error in cost of school? It’s only $$$
  • Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: Nostalgia for the past can hamper moving forward

    By Mark Banker

    “Nostalgia…find[s] the present tense…[and] the past perfect.” — Owens Lee Pomeroy

    This insight offers a convincing diagnosis for our current national mood.

    While our president has never defined the America he wishes to restore, the appeal of his signature slogan to many baby boomers is revealing.

    As a baby boomer, I sympathize with this sentiment, and as a historian I acknowledge its allure.

  • A View From Lick Skillet: Is there a Trump-Pompeo-Bolton War?

    Gentle Reader: This is the time of year when several of the Protestant churches have their annual conferences, including the so-called Evangelical denominations. As we understand from some of the reports coming out of these meetings, most of the Evangelical denominations, including the Southern Baptists, are no longer growing, but are, in fact, losing membership to a greater or lesser degree.

  • Going With the Flo: Patriotism is standing up for what is right

    By Flo Charles

    What an electrifying, patriotic and unifying two hours Tuesday night as we listened to President Trump launch his 2020 reelection campaign for President of the United States! That center was explosive!

    Ten thousand to 20,000 were lined up outside the Amway Center in Orlando, with seating capacity of 20,000, waiting for over 45-plus hours in the rain — camping out to assure a seat.

    It was the most powerful speech I’ve ever heard and many said the same thing. In fact, the people didn’t want to leave.

  • Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: Technology great but contributes to society’s growing distrust

    By Mark Banker

    Many of us males once quipped that we could “neither live with - nor without women.” For me, that “neither/nor” distinction is now held by the latest in communications technologies.

    Since the mid-1980s, I have embraced computers and their spinoffs reluctantly and selectively.

    I first utilized word processing to compose a doctoral dissertation; I use it now to compose this column and other writing pursuits. E-mail is more convenient and faster than snail mail and reduces my need for stamps.

  • Going With the Flo: Remember the heroes who died at Normandy

    By Flo Charles

    If you didn’t hear President Trump’s speech at Normandy on Thursday, June 6, it’s a must!

    Watching President Trump hug the survivors who were there and their tears of gratitude touched my heart!

    I felt a need to share some information for those who don’t know how we got to where we are, nor the sacrifices made for us. We must never let succeeding generations forget those who fought and died for freedom.