• ‘Lions Serve,’ — that includes pancakes

    The Kingston Lions Club held its annual pancake breakfast on Saturday, March 28 .

    It was a great success, with over 200 persons being served.

    Even the weatherman provided a beautiful day.

    The Lions have a great number of businesses and individuals to thank for their help.

  • OUR TAKE: Time for our own municipal broadband

    Last month’s announcement that high-tech firm CVMR is moving its international headquarters to Roane County is a real opportunity for growth.

    Not only has the company promised hundreds of high-paying jobs, but it also will impact other sectors, both economic and involving quality of life.

    It is up to our community leaders to capitalize on the opportunities CVMR and those who are sure to follow are laying at our feet.

  • Clothes Closet closing doors, last day will be April 30

    After 14 years of helping Roane County’s needy people with free clothing, furniture, household goods and food, The Clothes Closet in Rockwood is closing its door due to the poor health of the owners and lack of funding.

    We sincerely thank each one who donated either items or money to keep the charity open.

    We still have some items to donate to anyone from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., should you come by and pick them up.

    Our final day will be April 30 or sooner when everything is gone.

  • Volunteer docs allow Free Medical Clinic to help

    While March 30 is the national day set aside to celebrate the contribution of physicians across the country, the Free Medical Clinic appreciates every day of the contributions made by our doctors who volunteer their time at the clinic.

    Simply put, FMC could not exist without them

    The volunteer physicians contribute significantly to the good health of the residents of Anderson, Morgan and Roane counties who can’t afford to pay for health care and have no other access to the medical services they need.

  • Cruz much like Jerry Falwell and not good for GOP

    Ted Cruz has announced his run for the White House at Liberty University Christian college, the former stronghold of the Rev. Jerry Falwell.

    I don’t wish to speak ill of the dead, but Falwell was much like Ted Cruz in that he always seemed to be absolutely positive and without doubt about any political position he took.

    What better place for Sen. Cruz to make his announcement than where the crowd is assured and captive.

    First to announce, he captured all the oxygen in the room and garnered much free media attention.

  • Largen is on the path to fire and destruction

    A big card advertisement I received from those against Insure Tennessee said: “We can’t afford it.”

    They were right! We cannot afford any more socialism or communism.”

    Those of us in small business thought columnist Gerald Largen was talking about us when he said “let them sufer, let them die” like Obama is trying to do to us with “Obamacare’s” forced insurance and penalties, which are all unconstitutional. Socialists and commies are not Christians, because what they believe goes against the Bible.

  • Maybe experience was better choice in assessor race

    It was just a couple years ago the voters gave the “heave, ho” to Roane County tax assessor Teresa Kirkham.

    The complaint was that she was too efficient, which resulted in increased appraisals.  

    She was replaced with David Morgan who had little training for the job. 

    This lack of understanding has resulted in the county being in noncompliance with the state of Tennessee.  

    This is sort of being “tossed out of the frying pan into the fire.”

  • Taxpayers will be footing bill brought on by Morgan

    In reference to your recent articlcle in regard to the property assessor hiring an out-of-state group to come into our county and make recommendations about our tax assesstment for 2015.  

    This is supposed to be paid for by the county.

    Who will pay for it? It should be the tax assessor; he was elected to do the job, but he didn’t do it. He is paid a good salary also. But I guess we poor taxpayers will have to foot the bill.

    This problem never happened during the tenure of Teresa Kirkham. She had a capable staff, which David Morgan fired.

  • Gentlemen? More like cruel children in this instance

    This is an open letter to the two young men traveling west on Cumberland Street approaching the intersection of Cumberland and Kentucky streets in Kingston on Wednesday, Jan. 28, at 3:30 p.m.

    As your vehicle was moving toward the red light, one of our employees was in the process of returning to work after a short break.

    She observed an elderly woman crossing Cumberland Street while pushing a shopping cart.

  • Local letter writer laments attention terrorists feed on

    I have thoughts and questions about the terrorism in Paris, France. What were the perpetrators’ goals? Were they thinking that they were making a major statement for the Muslim cause? Were they angered by the drawings of four political cartoonists?

    I think it was a goal of fundamentalism to have it spread on the media.

    They thrive on the media to put themselves in the forefront of all news stories. In my mind, all they want is news coverage.