• Ridge View kids present touching program for vets

    I would like to commend the students, teachers and staff at Ridge View Elementary School for their outstanding and eye-misting tribute to veterans on Nov. 11.

    A special salute to Nancy Lydic, who, through the multi-faceted aspects of music, beautifully expressed the uniqueness of our founding documents that birthed the greatest nation on Earth.

    While we were recognized for their defense, it is they who are the definitive bulwark of their preservation.

  • Drumbeats of war good only for war machine makers

    Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham’s relative silence indicates that, for now, Obama’s entry into the dogfight in Syria and Iraq has placated their insatiable need for armed conflict.

    Do the rumblings in the background, like thunder in the distance, warn of an impending storm of demands for boots on the ground by the rightist owners of stock in war machinery manufacturers?

    While predictions of yet another 10-year war seem to raise no real public concern, we must ask: Where are the protesters, the peaceniks, the isolationists now?

  • Honor veterans by giving them health benefits

    This Veterans Day, we honored those who serve and have served our country.

    Veterans put their lives on the line to protect our independence, our freedom, and all the rights we hold dear. Now is the time to fight for them by ensuring they have access to health coverage.

    Nationally, one in 10 veterans are without health insurance and do not use Veterans Administration healthcare.

    Nearly a million veterans and their spouses have incomes low enough to qualify for Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

  • Roane County hits admirable goal in literacy effort

    Thank you, Roane County, for demonstrating that you value early childhood literacy.  

    We now have 80 percent of Roane’s children, from birth to age 5, enrolled in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.  This has been the  “stretch goal” since the Roane County affiliate was founded 10 years ago. 

  • State trooper’s effort appreciated by stranded couple

    My husband and I would like to express our great appreciation for a certain state trooper who came to our rescue recently on Interstate 40 in Knoxville. 

    We had a flat tire and were waiting for our road service to come when he stopped to check on us. 

    About that time we found out there had been a mix-up, and the service call had been mistakenly canceled. 

  • Be wise and watch over your business taxes carefully

    If you are among people paying personal property taxes on your business operations, you would be well advised to review that assessment annually.

    Otherwise, you may end up in a situation similar to what I recently had to endure.

    The situation I’m referring to resulted in my having to pay nearly $2,400 to satisfy what should have been no more than a $120 tax debt.

    I have three such accounts, but the one in question, much in part due to my own neglect and mismanagement, fell through the cracks, and deteriorated from there.

  • Doesn’t agree that ash spill not a health danger

    I would like to be complimentary about the TVA inspector general’s report on the recovery from the coal ash disaster, but I am still concerned about the impact of the coal ash spill on human health.

    It is not correct to say that no one was killed as a result of the coal ash spill.
    A worker died during the cleanup, and another has a broken back.

    With all due respect, it is misleading to imply that the information presented to date is a thorough consideration of the impact of the coal fly ash spill on the health and well-being of people who live(d) in the area.

  • Important to keep judicial selections nonpartisan, stable

    If Amendment 2 is not passed, Tennessee will have no system for selecting judges.

    The previous merit-based Tennessee plan process for selecting and evaluating appellate judges and justices was not renewed by the legislature during its 108th General Assembly, with final sunset effective June 30, 2013.

    Current judicial selection is occurring under Gov. Bill Haslam’s Executive Order of Oct. 17, 2013; it will expire Nov. 5. No system will be in place after Nov. 5.

  • Top official lost his wallet; is glad for locals’ honesty

    It is truly a blessing to live in a small town and community.

    I want to say thank you to an unidentified lady who found and turned in my wallet to staff at the Kingston Food City.

    On Sunday, after a long day traveling, my wallet either fell out of my car or I left it outside the Food City while retrieving a newspaper.

    On the way home, I noticed that my wallet was missing and immediately called Food City. The staff said a lady who knew me turned in the wallet and they placed it in their safe.

  • Based on quote, Beets misinformed on role of mayor

    In Friday’s (Oct. 10) edition of the Roane County News, the article titled “Kingston’s Choice: Beets or Neal for Mayor?” talks about the experience of each candidate. The article was about a half page in length, giving each candidate equal space to discuss their history and qualifications for the position.