• Commandments guide morality, absolutes exist

    Charles Haynes, in his Guest Opinion in the July 6 edition of the Roane County News, ended with, “But with New York as a model, we can acknowledge both gay equality and religious liberty as basic human rights.”
    Our Constitution recognizes religious liberty not just because “the multiplicity of sects in the new nation left us little alternative.”

  • Congress should compromise to live like we do

    How did we become a nation of people who blame anyone and every one for all of our problems?
    It’s the fast-food industry’s fault that my child is overweight, it’s the school system’s fault my child can’t read and write, it’s my father’s fault I’m not wealthy, my government has failed me. The list goes on and on.
    It’s high time we stop blaming others for our problems and start looking for ways to resolve them for ourselves.

  • Golf tournament a success, thanks to community

    VFW Post 6598 would like to express our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all who were involved in making our annual golf tournament an outstanding success.
    We would like to thank all the golfers who played in our tournament.
    Following is a list of the hole and prize sponsors for the tournament. Without their support, this event would not have been possible.

  • Solving Beard’s case an excellent birthday gift

    Happy birthday, Karen.

    Friday, July 1, was our daughter’s 56th birthday. But we did not celebrate it with her.

    Her name is Karen Farmer Beard, and she was abducted and murdered in Kingston on Jan. 15, 1991.

    Some of the individuals who are responsible for this hideous crime are still walking the streets of Roane County. The sheriff tells us that the case is still open and under a “cold case” investigation by detective Steven White.

  • Kudos to Hurley for service to the people of county

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank state Rep. Julia Hurley for her service to the people she represents.

    One of the most important traits of a legislative representative of the people is the willingness to listen to the people they represent. I have found Rep. Hurley to be a person who listens and considers the perspectives and concerns of all people, regardless of where they stand on any particular issue.

  • Thanks for all the support of library book sale

    Thank you to all of the folks who attended the Kingston Library Foundation book and bake sale at the Kingston Community Center.

    The proceeds will be used for new best sellers, children’s books, etc.

    The 501st Star Wars costuming group was in attendance and were absolutely fantastic. The children and adults alike were thrilled with them.

    It was especially heartwarming to watch the children interacting with R2D2, Darth Vader and the storm troopers. These fine young men donated their Saturday to our book sale, and we thank them.

  • Jail: Icy cold, food is bad and portions miniscule

    I am an inmate in the Roane County Jail. I’m writing this letter to let the public know how inhumane it is, and how we’re being treated in here.
    The food portions have gotten smaller. For breakfast we get a small scoop of grits or oatmeal, half an apple or half a banana, and a piece of bread they left out the night before that they call toast.
    The grits and oatmeal have no flavor. No sugar.
    Lunch is a thin sandwich five days a week with water or Kool-Aid, which is only colored water.
    Dinner is OK for the most part.

  • Body-bag shot of drowning victim was in poor taste

    As a reader of the Roane County News, I am generally satisfied with the paper and the stories it publishes.
    However, I was highly disappointed in the news story and photographs in the Wednesday, June 22, edition concerning the drowning of Cesar Uribe.
    He was a friend and co-worker of mine, and I was highly disappointed in the choice to publish a photograph of the body bag holding his body.

  • Kingston city manager a good example for all

    The headline of your recent editorial, “A Good City Manager Well Worth the Money” spurred me to express my gratitude and commendations to Kingston’s City Manager Jim Pinkerton and his staff.
    Without doubt Kingston is the best-run city in Roane County, and I attribute this to the staff, department heads and employees who serve under Jim’s steady leadership.
    When first elected to city council, a few people bent my ear about Jim —  that he needed to go.

  • WBUD ‘policy’ ridiculous and wrong, man says

    I am a resident of Roane County and a Watts Bar Utility District customer.
    Recently, I encountered problems with a WBUD policy.
    Being a senior citizen, I sometimes have a problem understanding how the concept of right and wrong is so hard for some people to get.
    Back in the day, when one party damaged another party’s property, the party causing the damage was expected to make restitution.
    Evidently that has changed.