• Why is school board delaying Midway sewer?

    I have wondered for some time why the proposed project for Midway is something that sounds like a maintenance item.

    The existing sewage treatment system is used by all three campuses — elementary, middle and high schools. If it were to fail, raw sewage would be dumped into the creek. This would probably lead to closing all three schools until repairs were made.

    Why not go out for bids as soon as possible? Once evaluated, it would be handled as a budget item.

    Conclusion: Why Wait, Get Started As Soon As Possible.

    Bob Griffin

  • Kudos to News staff for election coverage, awards

    I am writing to thank you for the fine work you and your staff are doing with the Roane County News. Monday’s edition (July 16) was especially good.

    I was very pleased to see the recent Roane County News profiles of the candidates standing for the upcoming elections.

    In doing my research, I discovered that many of their various social media pages were rarely well organized or not very informative as regards their reasons for running for county offices.

  • Yager says broadband a necessity but votes ‘no’

    “‘It is a critical issue as I said. It is not a luxury. It is a necessity. I certainly understand your frustration,’ said state Sen. Ken Yager.”

    I addressed the Senate Commerce and Labor committee, of which he is a member. He listened as I made the case for allowing municipal electric utilities to expand broadband into rural communities – at no cost to Tennessee taxpayers – then voted against it.

    My presentation began with a clip from the documentary “Without a Net,” which will resonate with Roane Countians.

  • All raw food, including milk, carries a risk

    My grandma grew up on a farm. Every morning, she joined in with the farm chores that included, with many other things, milking cows. The milk from those cows was served to the family and was consumed as it was — raw — unpasteurized and unhomogenized.

    When I was a child, my parents would go out to a dairy owned by a family friend where we’d pick up raw milk for our favorite summer time treat, homemade ice cream. I’d sit and watch my grandpa churn the ice cream and then we’d eat it with birthday cake.

  • Lack of trust in president to tell the truth is a big deal

    I’m worried. Our intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia meddled in the 2016 elections.

    But President Trump doesn’t believe them, preferring instead to embrace fake news and believe Russian President Putin. Apparently he does not comprehend the danger Russia poses?

    At least 97 percent of climate scientists agree: climate-warming trends over the past century are most likely due to human activities. But he doesn’t believe them.

  • Treason is illegal; disagreeing with the president is not

    I was disturbed to read the June 29 Flo Charles opinion piece entitled, “The Traitor Violates Allegiance and Betrays his Country.”

    In it, she indicates that those who disagree with the policies of the current president are treasonous.

    Our democracy is designed to be a dialogue and debate between different points of view. The citizens participate and decide which ideas and candidates they prefer. Then they vote.

  • Massengill was our friend because he cared about us

    The Roane County community mourns the untimely loss of one of its best friends, Everett Massengill. 

    Everett was our friend because he genuinely cared about each of us as individuals.

    His longtime tenure on the Roane County school board reflects the regard we felt for him.

    I was honored to know him for many years and will treasure the memories.

    State Sen. Ken Yager


  • Sheriff Stockton a helpful angel in time of need

    Last Thursday I was taking a quadriplegic to a medical appointment. The van we were driving broke down at the health department.

    It soon began to get very hot in the van. Because the engine would not run the wheel chair ramp would not work. My friend in the wheelchair was getting overheated.

    A man approached us in the parking lot and asked if he could help. He was able to get the wheelchair ramp lowered. He then pushed the wheelchair into the building.

  • Help at breakfast helps Harriman Lions help others

    Many Roane Countians again enjoyed food and fellowship when the Harriman Lions Club hosted the “World’s Greatest Pancake Breakfast.” The breakfast was at Roane Street Grill on May 6 and proved to be a successful fundraiser.

    Money raised from this event goes back into the community as we provide photo eye screening each year for over 400 Roane County children. We pay for eye examinations and/or glasses for 30-40 people yearly. We also contribute to area charities as the need arises.

  • Overstreet offers best opinion on school plan

    Tyler Overstreet’s guest column in Wednesday's Roane County News was the best opinion I have read of the school consolidation.

    All taxpayers should read it — and also all Board of Education members, County Commissioners and County Executive.

    Thanks, Mr. Overstreet, for your input.

    Sam Doughty